72 good WhatsApp status ideas – from crazy to serious

72 good WhatsApp status ideas - from crazy to serious

Marco Kratzenbergon 28/04/2017 at 10:10 AM

All are happy that the "old state" represents at WhatsApp. We introduce you to 72 cool WhatsApp status ideas with which you can bring some variety into your profile.

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With the correct status saying her your comparison brings to grin or brooding. Here you will find a bunch of really good WhatsApp status ideas for any occasion. The long-running "Hello! I use WhatsApp. "Only shows that you do not know the app, do not feel like" something silly "has, has no sense of humor, or that the ideas are missing. At least against the latter we want to do something and present you to excite "72 really cool WhatsApp status Ideas".

OK, really serious are WhatsApp status messages never. Unless uses announcements such as "opening times: Monday - Saturday, 9:00 to 17:00" you. That is why most of the presented WhatsApp status ideas are also more likely witty self-portraits. You may be able to "normal state" take - or indeed for the new status indicator in the style of stories.

The "old state" is now called "Info". He appears when you type in the profile of the chat partner on the i and then scrolls down to "Info and telephone number."

Yet another state that is suitable to confuse the opposite:

"writes ..."

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