Telefonic announce: How must terminate why and when her

You are prepaid customer of Fonic and want to switch to another contract? Why should announce it and how to do it, learn it in our article.

Telefonic announce: How must terminate why and when her

It is a common misconception that you have as a user of a prepaid account no obligations. Clear, manually manage the own credit is a fine thing, but nonetheless, you are contractors of Fonic, the Tochtergessellschaft of O2. Thus you have entered with activation of a Fonic prepaid card in a contractual relationship, which must also terminate her again in certain circumstances.

Telefonic announce: Online via form

Do you want to cancel your Fonic contract quickly, the online form by Buddy uses. The template already find all the information you need to enter only your private data. The termination can be faxed or directly downloaded online in PDF and printed.

When will Fonic should terminate

Independence and full cost control. These are the two excellent benefits of a prepaid card. no longer do you use a prepaid card for any reason one time country, it therefore is not charging on, it will be disabled in most cases anyway. In Fonic this is the case.

Some providers then require the SIM card back, however, and demand costs if this does not happen. For this reason, you should, as soon as you decide you do not continue to use the Fonic card, a termination notification.

Have you even get to a smartphone for the prepaid card, this subject often already a SIM lock that prevents you to insert a new card.

Telefonic announce: Tschuss, BruceTelefonic announce: Tschuss, Bruce

So Quitting Fonic

The Fonic GmbH requires written notice. This can send you either a letter or fax.

Termination by letterTermination fax
FONIC customer service mailbox 103890001 Nuremberg01805 910 908 (14 cents / min from the network of Dt. Telekom)

If you do not know how to setup a termination, can you download a template for termination at FONIC can watch with us:


What happens to your assets

Do you have the time of termination still credit on your Fonic card, which will be paid upon termination of the contract to the address you provide to charge bank account. However, this only happens if you send a written request to do so. This can be done informally stating your telephone number [email protected] or through customer service.

  • FONIC Customer service: 0176 8888 0000

(Mon. &# 8211; Thus, 08:00 &# 8211; 21:00)


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