Facebook: Remove mark for photos and comments (PC and mobile)

Facebook offers the possibility of friends by uploading photos or comments to mark. For images everyone who is entitled to this, to see the photo, see who is visible in the photo, in comments marking is especially true for this to make the friend to a comment or post carefully.

Facebook: Remove mark for photos and comments (PC and mobile)

If you do not want your name will be used on Facebook without consent, you can remove or disable the mark.

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Facebook: Remove tag on comments

  • If the Facebook label be removed from a comment, first calls the comment on Facebook.
  • Click on the down arrow and select "Mark Report / Remove".
  • The mark of your Facebook name can itself or the person who wrote the message with mention of your name removed.
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Facebook: Remove tag: Here's how the PC and mobile phone

Even with photos you can delete your name.

  1. Opens this your Chronicle.
  2. Calls the "Photos" link.
  3. Here can you z. B. found under "Photos of you" pictures in which you are tagged with your name.
  4. Click on the photo and ride with the mouse to the bottom of the frame.
  5. Here you can open the "Options" from the menu bar.
  6. Among the options you'll find the button "Uncheck" with which you can prevent the mention of your name on the picture.


The person who checked you in a state or in a picture is not informed about the removal, but can obviously see that your name is no longer linked to your Facebook profile.

Delete Facebook tag for images on iPhone and Smartphone

Of course you can on marks from images using a cell phone to delete. this opens the screen and then tap on the left button on the smartphone. Now a new menu, you can choose "Remove marker" from which it appears. Click on the option and your name is removed.


Do you want to prevent that you will be marked on images and photos on Facebook in the future, you can make the appropriate privacy setting. Searches for the "Chronicle and marking settings" and prevents her the opportunity to link you to Facebook pictures and comments.

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