Fan control software: Freeware for fan settings

Who uses his computer regularly and also brings to the limit of performance, will experience no acoustic enjoyment, finally, the CPU fan must plow with appropriate utilization, which manifests itself in disturbing noises.

Fan control software: Freeware for fan settings

Thanks fan control software you can make the settings for the fan and as such. B. provide for rest while working with the PC.

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Fan control software: Temperature vs. volume

The first stop for fans software is SpeedFan. This is a free freeware tool with which can be regulated the speed of the CPU fan. The program supports about 200 different motherboards and can read temperature values ​​for the CPU, the motherboard and the power supply. With the control of the fan for her can. As for increased cooling of the CPU or for a lower noise level care. Even when overclocking the system, the use of SpeedFan is recommended. To avoid problems or damage to the hardware, you should settings but at your own risk and perform mainly wisely.

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9514Giga SpeedFan Video Overview

Fan control software: Download and install

After the free download of the fan control software you call the "Configure" "Options" to change the language to "German". The following functions provides the SpeedFan among other things, for the regulation of computer-fan:

  • Read: current temperature of CPU cores
  • Configure: specifying a desire and maximum temperature
  • In Tray Show: CPU temperature remains on the Windows desktop in view
  • Speeds: Adjust fan speed
  • Warning at high temperatures

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Fan control software: Freeware for fan settings

Pay attention when using SpeedFan that, of course, the CPU temperature increases, if you set the CPU fan for noise reduction slower. So it can on the one hand cause blue screens and freezes while working on the PC. it also shortens the life of the CPU significantly if the hardware run continuously at full load.

In addition, the freeware for fan control does not support all Maninboards available on the market. With us you learn how to find out what motherboard is in the PC. If the motherboard does not support the program window remains empty after the start.

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