Whatsapp read offline: So can you see news without confirmation and hooks

The popular Messenger WhatsApp helps friends and family to stay with you in contact. The two blue tick mark clearly whether you have already read their messages. Do you want to WhatsApp messages read offline, so your chat partner does not know that you have already seen his words, there are different ways. Read below how you can invisibly and secretly read your WhatsApp received texts without WhatsApp sends the read receipt.

WhatsApp fully informed of who, when last time online and whether your messages have been read. For users who want more privacy, we have explained elsewhere how they disable via the WhatsApp settings the blue hooks, the WhatsApp: hide your online status or as the WhatsApp: can disable read report.

In our video you learn more about WhatsApp privacy settings:

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WhatsApp read offline: These are the options

whatsapp-logo-newWill read along their WhatsApp messages of another user, this form of espionage is of course risky and a hard breach of trust. It is frightening how easily WhatsApp messages are intercepted könntn. First, there is the option of simply using the Access for WhatsApp account access the news, on the other hand, there are many Spy apps. For more information about how WhatsApp messages are read along and how you can protect her, you read out our article WhatsApp messages from others: read along with WhatsApp spy apps or on the PC: the one should note.

Do you get a new message in WhatsApp, you can read the first words in the chat view already. If that's not enough, you can simply rotate the screen so more characters can be seen in landscape mode, or select one of the following methods:

  • clear blue catch: This is the case but for all chats and herself can not know when your lyrics were read.
  • WhatsApp widget use (Android)
  • Read about the lockscreen notification bar in iOS
  • read WhatsApp in flight mode

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read WhatsApp offline: WhatsApp widget

Do you have the WhatsApp widget on your home screen, your WhatsApp messages appear there and even on the lock screen. You can read it without the Messenger app to open the icon and without the sender blue check mark appear. Opens her app, WhatsApp marked this message but again with the blue hooks as read.

iOS Lockscreen: So you can the messages in WhatsApp secretly read

In the iOS lockscreen notifications are also displayed to you the incoming WhatsApp messages on iPhone, iPad and co. Do you read these messages here, instead of starting the app, the check marks also remain gray for the sender. You can usually only read but shorter messages complete, as they are only up to a certain number of characters displayed.

Offline in WhatsApp thanks to flight mode

Do you want to read the whole message offline, the flight mode offers. Did you get a message that want to read it in secret, you must first exit WhatsApp. For this, a simple closing the app is not enough.

  1. You have (or Application Manager) in your settings under the Apps tab, select the execution.
    read WhatsApp offline
  2. Now click (force or Exit) on WhatsApp, and then click Stop.
    Whatsapp offline Reading 2
  3. Now you can just turn on, start WhatsApp and open the message without the hooks are colored blue your flight mode.

Alternatively, you can also with a firewall access of WhatsApp to the Internet block.

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