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For a long time it was not possible, but since the March 2015 update Xbox One owners can finally create their favorite clips in video games in the form of screenshots and video clips and share. Do you want to take a screenshot and save it, you are exactly right. We tell you the following article how this works.

While it has its own share button on the PlayStation 4 controller who created you with a button to send a screenshot of the current game play, had to wait a long time for this feature Xbox One players. In March update in 2015 it was finally over. Now you can not just take a screenshot and share it, but set it even as background with one console with your Xbox One. We show you below how the whole thing goes.

In this video you explain the Xbox team, such as the screenshot function
looks exactly:

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Xbox One: Create screenshots &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

Will you take a screenshot with your Xbox One, it's really easy. Do you have Two different variants, with which you can create from the current screen their images. Is your speech recognition enabled, you say simply &# 8220; Create Xbox, Screenshot&# 8221; and certainly you would have to display an icon that your console has created a screenshot. Which commands it also still there, listening to the your Xbox One, learn it elsewhere.

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but you also have another possibility to make on your Xbox One a screenshot:

  1. Start the video game in question and waits for a suitable location that you want to have as a screenshot.
  2. now presses double on the Xbox button, which is located at the top center.
  3. Now your Xbox One who created the image. Expresses her afterwards Y, stores the console and the image.
  4. Already in the moment when you press the Xbox button twice in a row, take a screenshot and store it temporarily. In the long run can do that only if you pressed Y.

Pressed her twice the Xbox button, you can choose you as well, if you instead of a screenshot, the last 30 seconds as video want to have added. The key commands for this, however, show yourselves to the console.

Here you can now choose yourself if you want to take a screenshot or video.How to take a screenshot on the Xbox One? Just click twice on the Xbox button.

Where are screenshots stored? See screenshots and share

Your screenshots look at her Game DVR. So click on the app to see your pictures and manage. Here you have but other possibilities. You can edit, save, or otherwise manage. To share a screenshot now does the following:

  1. you are on the Xbox-One Home, clicks on RT (right trigger).
  2. Opens My Apps & Games and here selects Game DVR.
  3. Examined here now after the screenshot to want to share her. Use the filters can also select several at once her.
  4. Now press the menu button, which you recognize on three horizontal lines. Now some opportunities should open up, one of which is a divide.
  5. Now here how you want to share your screenshot examined you.

Incidentally, you can only screenshots with your friends share when their active Xbox Live Gold Member are. but it is possible to save your screenshots on your PC. For this, you've got to the OneDrive app on your Xbox One Download. Sets the images now, as described above, in the virtual memory. Do you have the program on your PC, you can watch now download the pictures.

to take screenshots with an Xbox One, is not all that difficult. Ye can also divide take screenshots with an Xbox One, is not all that difficult. Ye can also divide rapidly.

Set screenshots as background

Do you want to take a screenshot and it immediately as background image perpetuate on your Xbox One, which works as follows:

  1. Open again, as above, Game DVR.
  2. Here you find yourselves now also a screenshot from whom you want to set as background.
  3. Click on the menu button and confirm with Set as wallpaper.

Currently it is not possible to set short game clips as background. For this, however, you can record videos. But this you have to be with the Upload Studio to edit.

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