Minecraft play without Java – Update makes it possible

Who previously wanted to start a game of Minecraft on the PC, had to resort to this again and again affected by vulnerabilities Java. This is now: Immediately you can play Minecraft without Java.

Minecraft play without Java - Update makes it possible

Microsoft has recently released a Minecraft update that allows you to play without Java installation.

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Minecraft without Java games thanks Update

Java is one next to Flash to useful, but also security harmful additives on Windows PCs. In addition to various gaps that have opened the door for the one or other malicious software on Windows, Java has also attempted to install additional adware, now a rather dubious reputation. Who does not want to Java and yet does not want to give up Minecraft, should install the latest update for the Klötzlichenspiel. The game client includes its own stand-alone version of Java on the game can be accessed in the future. The Java installation on the PC can be uninstalled then, the Oracle software should not be required elsewhere.

Minecraft play without Java - Update makes it possible

The client update for Minecraft without Java is now available for Windows. Mac OS X users need to bring a little patience. Officials states that can be expected with the update until the end of the year.

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Minecraft without Java: How to&# 8217; s

Note that the Java uninstallation can not be easily performed via the control panel. For all Minecraft player you want to remove Java now HowToGeek has prepared a detailed guide. The new Minecraft version brings not only its own Java on the PC, but also allows faster start and a more fluid playing the popular open-world adventure.

Minecraft play without Java - Update makes it possible

  1. After downloading it shifts the Minecraft.exe to the folder in which to be located Minecraft including a new Java engine.
  2. Run the setup, the Minecraft launcher is herutnergeladen automatically.
  3. Selects left the launcher "Edit Profile" and sets the entry "Java Settings (Advanced) Check" executable ".
  4. In the right section it sets the path for the Minecraft launcher to the folder in which the minecraft.exe is now.
  5. In addition, it sets the Java path to C: \ New Minecraft Launcher \ runtime \ jre-x64 \ 1.9.0_25 \ bin \ javaw.exe.
  6. Saves the settings and Minecraft can be started immediately without additional Java installation.

With us you also learn how to assign Minecraft more RAM.

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