The Elder Scrolls Online: lies and deceit, stolen and stolen goods

You have this Attitude, that you just have to clear up getting all the cabinets, chests and boxes in strange houses? In The Elder Scrolls Online you will rewarded for his efforts, at least when ye hires smart here. We bring you the skill line &# 8220; lies and deceit&# 8221; tell you a little closer and as you sold the most stolen goods, where the fence stop and what the &Crime; # 8220&has system upon himself; #. 8221

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Until the update 6.1 you could, unless other players were quickly dispel container without hesitation. Well but was (finally) introduced a legal system that chased after her for any illegal action (theft, burglary, murder) of the guards will, will receive a bounty and could you get rid of stolen loot even more (series compliant) with fences.

The Elder Scrolls Online: lies and deceit

In The Elder Scrolls Online but you have not necessarily the Thieves Guild members to have to go to such a fence. Rather, the focus for different refuges in big cities are available where you can not only sell stolen goods or slide, but also your bounty loswerdet without having to give up the sour Together Stolen again.

Source: and deception skill line (Source:

The whole feed your skill list lies and deception to find (under &# 8220; Open World&# 8221;). For as you once you once successfully (or not) something stolen from a container or bag with an NPC, a castle cracked or someone murdered from behind (which may be the many farm animals for which there are also achievements (achievements place her in the quest journal under the corresponding tab) the skill line, you will be charged.

To fill but is anything but simple and can in one day more than one level (except those you're just at the breaking and stealing).

Lies and deceit: The Skills

All skills of the craft line lies and deceit are passive skills.


Improved HidingImproved Hiding

IReduces the endurance cost while sneaking 10%Lies and deceit Rank 1
IIReduces Endurance cost by 20% while sneakingLies and deceit Rank 6
IIIReduces Endurance cost by 30% while sneakingLies and deceit Rank 11
IVReduces Endurance cost by 40% while sneakingLies and deceit Rank 16

Light FingersLight Fingers

IImproves Chance of pickpocketing by 10%Lies and deceit Rank 3
IIImproves Chance of pickpocketing by 20%Lies and deceit Rank 8
IIIImproves Chance of pickpocketing by 35%Lies and deceit Rank 13
IVImproves Chance of pickpocketing by 50%Lies and deceit Rank 16


IIncreases the interactions with the fence by 120% (120)Lies and deceit Rank 3
IIIncreases the interactions with the fence 140% (140)Lies and deceit Rank 8
IIIIncreases the interactions with the fence 160% (160)Lies and deceit Rank 13
IVIncreases the interactions with the fence 180% (180)Lies and deceit Rank 18


IImproves Chance of lockpicking by 10%Lies and deceit Rank 5
IIImproves Chance of lockpicking by 25%Lies and deceit Rank 9
IIIImproves Chance of lockpicking by 45%Lies and deceit Rank 14
IVImproves Chance of lockpicking by 70%Lies and deceit Rank 19


IReduces the payable money head by 10%Lies and deceit Rank 6
IIReduces payable bounties by 20%Lies and deceit Rank 10
IIIReduces payable bounties by 30%Lies and deceit Rank 15
IVReduces payable bounties by 40%Lies and deceit Rank 20

increase skill: lies and deceit

To increase lies and deceit, there are the following options:

  • Difficulty in theft
    • Light: 1 point
    • Medium: 2 points
    • Heavy: 4 points
  • Pushing of an object: 1 point
  • Sale of an article: 1 point
  • Lockpicking
    • Light: 1 point
    • Average: 2 points
    • Heavy: 4 points
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The Elder Scrolls Online: The fence

The fence in ESO hiding in remote hideaways very close to the pulse of the larger cities of Tamriel. You're not just buying your stolen goods, but it can also cleanse and eliminate your bounty.

the elder scrolls online Hehler

The fence: sell stolen goods

To increase lies and deceit, you do not just let the kleptomaniac hang out in you, but also be economical, ie, the theft must also be turned into money. The path of a raid should therefore be as follows:

  1. You break into a house (break crouched castle and not get caught by guards leave)
  2. Your admits the cabinets, boxes and other containers (also in creep mode)
  3. Your acknowledges the inhabitants bags (sneak up behind them and wait for the percentage display is green, then it is better)
  4. You travel freely or with guards in the neck to the next refuge
  5. You sell stolen goods when stolen

Sounds pretty simple, right? Is it really well, there are still a few things to note:

  • not sold any crap at the fence, which you have stolen. Things that are worthwhile everyday objects and trinkets. This recognizes her because they bring in more than 30 seventh. Valuable jewelry bring even more significantly seventh and are green, blue, purple or golden.
  • Stolen equipment such as weapons and armor should you simply use the craft tables or, if magical, analyze.
  • Stolen tools as ingredients for cooking should deposit it in the bank. There it is safe from the guards and when you can craft table still access it

The reason for this prioritization is a simple. The stolen buy you from only 50 items per day. Wasting her these precious places with objects that bring only one Septim or a little more, it does not rise as quickly, first in the skill &# 8220; lies and deceit&# 8221; and earned logically not so much. You are therefore particularly crafty, you steal until you have together 50 valuable objects. That would be, at least bring a payout of 5000 sevenths with it.

The fence: slide stolen goods

The second way that you have the fence who is pushing objects. This is different prices depending on the value of the object, but washed clean, so that it can be sold to other retailers.

For pushing you are daily 50 actions. Depending on the value of the item you will receive here a different number of skill points towards &# 8220; lies and deceit&# 8221 ;. And here it is advisable to push the more valuable commodity, so you can pick out the highest possible profit with them.

The value of stolen goods

Both the number of fence-sales and sliding may be increased by the skill &Trafficker; # 8220&# 8221; can increase the skill tree.

The fence: Remove bounty

In the shelters your reputation is fading faster than at the surface in the city guards. Nevertheless, here you can quickly get rid of your bounty. You pay at the fence, although as much as a guard, except that the fence you in this decreases no stolen goods.

In addition to her multi thereby the achievement &# 8220; criminals are paying off&# 8221 ;, you have to get rid of a total of 100,000 gold at fences or guards for.

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