Why do I never want to play a new Zelda [column]

Let's face it: saying goodbye is not easy for us Gamers. We finish a game, one that has touched us, and a moment later we ask for a successor. Why are we afraid to say goodbye forever?

24589The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the game in review: The beginning of a new world

If such an unusual game like Beyond Good & Evil gets a successor, simply because his fans have not stopped to ask one, then apply it to celebrate. Or if an established series enough to survive long enough again to reinvent itself from scratch &# 8211; as it in The Legend of Zelda: Breath is the case of the Wild.

Zelda games were really bad never, however, a certain creative stagnation was hard to deny. But have seen as a reason neither fans nor developer to finish the series &# 8211; fortunately remains in retrospect to say.

Here you can once again our GIGA GAMES Test Zelda: Read Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda is one of the great stories of the video game world. New chapters lead this story continues for over 30 years. Also about how a successor to Breath of the game might look like, both players and developers have already speculated. Should there be a multiplayer title? If an open world play a role again? In any case, it should surprise again.

An option has been doing so far been neglected. It is not a very realistic option, but one that is worth pondering: What if Breath of the game gets no successor? Would it be so bad if the "Legend of Zelda" ends here?

a really good story stands out not almost always the fact that it ends? What we actually lose our never-ending demands for more?


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