repair AVI files and save movies – so it goes

A damaged movie file does anyone joy. Therefore please be sure to have only intact files in your archive. If you then but stumble across a corrupted file, it is beneficial to know how to repair an AVI file. Minor damage can be repaired quickly and easily, but with serious errors requires more effort.

This is the simplest version: After opening the file in VLC media player (actually to play the file), the damage is automatically reported. The playback software offers you now to bring the AVI index back in order and save your movie. After a short loading time this process is complete.

With VLC player repair an AVI file

As simple as it sounds, the chances of success are unfortunately only average. Occasionally, the index remains damaged and therefore the whole file. The problem is that the VLC player only ankratzt the repair process. For this reason, the method is only suitable for slightly damaged files.

Movies restore those DivX Repair

Reliable is designed purely for repairing files DivX Repair Program. The most common reason why AVIs can not be played properly, is the offset between picture and sound. The desynchronization occurs when the image unintentionally &# 8220; freezes&# 8221 ;, but the sound continues. At this point, the software comes into play: The remaining image are defective will be deleted and the picture with the sound rearranged. So are you indeed a few seconds of the movie are missing, the remaining part can be played perfectly, however. DivX Repair is easy to use: Once installed, the broken AVI drag & Drop go in to start the automatic operation. Once the application has completed the process, the video can be played. The result is satisfactory in most cases.

Movie file can not be played in order to missing codec

It need not necessarily be such that you must repair the AVI file when a movie can not be played. Often it is the codec that does not fit or is simply not available. Whether it is the codec, you can find out by checking with a tool like AVIcodec the file. AVIcodec will then show you a lot of meta-data: game time, resolution, audio tracks and the codec.

repair AVI file
With AVICodec you keep track of already installed or missing codecs

Now check whether the codec displayed is reproduced by your media player. These supported formats are listed in the manual. Is the right one not there, you have two options: either you will obtain a codec pack with the necessary extensions or dodge to another media player, which plays a priori the codec of your movie. As much less complicated, the second option will turn out.


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