Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: Unlock card dealers and trade Gold

In duels and missions you receive in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links monetary gold. In this case, ask a lot of players, what they can do with it. Gold used her to gain valuable cards for your deck playing cards dealer. We show you in this article about Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links, which can begin her with the card dealer.

In addition to the Booster packs get it while fighting the legendary duelist, but also in other special duels or missions special cards for your deck. To you, but really the best deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel to secure links, should you from time to time stop by the card vendor and your spend to date accumulated gold. We give you farming for gold and, above all, what you can do it with the card dealer in this article tips.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: Card Trader unlock - until level 7

You already get since launch in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links precious gold by fighting and Co. Here, you wonder certainly what you should do with the gold coins, the number of which appears in the upper right corner of your screen in the main screen. From Level 7 switched their free the card dealer who is in front of the shop. Here you will receive special monster, trap and spell cards against a certain fee. This means that you not only spend gold coins, but also have to do more special items loose.

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The Offer the card dealer But is not all cards can exchange their gold. Missing you, for example, still colored gate key, to different characters to unlock the gate, you get them at special traders in front of the store. Do you want to grab yourself a key, but it does not pay with gold, but with other &# 8220; normal&# 8221; Torschl├╝sseln.

The card dealer offers regularly new cards at. so check back often. Do you see a red icon around him, you know that he has something new in the range.

Normal maps can you only pay with gold. They cost you 2500 or 5000 gold. Once the rarity of the card is higher, you have to special stones make loose. In the next section we tell you which stones there and how you get.

The card dealer first appears on stage from the seventhThe card dealer first appears on stage from the seventh

receive special stones and redeem the card dealer

In addition to the precious stones are the stones to the particular articles in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel links. Do you want the card dealer replace rare cards, you should set you on the search for these stones. So you get it:

  • as a reward for a duel
  • for completing missions
  • at the Convert of cards

very rarely as a reward for missions or duels you receive them. So they exchanged at best. Thus, you can also receive targeted the stones that you needed for certain cards with the card dealer. In the following table you see how you get what manner of stones:

yu-gi-oh-duel-left-items-r-jewelR jewelExchange dealer against R-Charts
yu-gi-oh-duel-left-items-sr-jewelSR-jewelExchange dealer against SR cards
yu-gi-oh-duel-left-items-stone-des-lichtsStone of LightExchange dealer to light monster
yu-gi-oh-duel-left-items-stone-of-darknessStone of DarknessExchange dealer against darkness monster
yu-gi-oh-duel-left-items-stone-of-waterStone of WaterExchange dealer to water monster
yu-gi-oh-duel-left-items-stone-the-flameStone of FlameExchange dealer against fire monster
yu-gi-oh-duel-left-items-stone-of-windesStone of the WindExchange dealer to wind monster
yu-gi-oh-duel-left-items-stone-of-spellcastingStone of spellcastingExchange dealer against Spell Cards
yu-gi-oh-duel-left-items-stone-the-fallStone FallenExchange dealer to trap cards

Will you now redeem your card, should you following Tips for converting the card dealer note:

  • swaps normal monsters to which have low values. Look your deck and filters according to monster cards and their ATK or DEF values. Have a card yet to no effect, you should exchange it with a clear conscience.
  • Do you have a you Booster Pack bought and want to exchange a card in it, then it will first look how long each pack is still available. Some cards might want her later still use some time, because you have your deck rebuilt and the card now to match. But then it is too late, because it no longer can buy the package.
Do you want to redeem a super rare card, ask yourselves the game, if you really want. So Think about good!Do you want to redeem a super rare card, ask yourselves the game, if you really want. So Think about good!
  • Have you bought you normal cards with the card dealer, you can these problems changed back again by her converts them. Once you have used but special stones, you should consider more closely.
  • Cards their as a level reward You received a certain character, you will no longer get. These cards should you so &# 8211; if possible &# 8211; not convert.

get gold and trade cards or buy

Gold get her in duels. Completed the weekly missions, step and special missions. Take not only stones, but also gold. The character activation missions give you the most gold medals in the four-figure range. Converts its normal cards with the card dealer to, you also get gold.

This card is 3 times in our deck - so we can convert.This card is 3 times in our deck &# 8211; so we can convert.

So buys her you cards playing cards dealer:

  1. Click on the card dealer to the shop.
  2. Seek out now from a card that you &# 8220; buy&# 8221; want. Typing at her and then selects trading at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Do you want to convert a card, it remains the merchants and instead chooses to card catalog for conversion.

In the conversion you see in the corner of the card, how many owns her about it. double card are of course always great to convert them.


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