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By WISO tax: Passbook 2017 download gets you a program with which you can easily create your income tax return in 2016 and that while you are many useful tips on opportunities for tax savings.

Note: This download you get a trial version, the full version of WISO tax: Passbook 2017 *WISO tax savings account free download - GIGA you can download it for example under the previous link. With the acquisition of the Windows version you are also the associated apps for Android and iOS are available:

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The WISO tax: Passbook 2017 leads you through the creation of your tax return, imagine to complicated issues videos available and and give you this advice, you can save the points at which their taxes.

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WISO tax: Passbook 2017 Download: Benefits of the program and operation

The program takes into account all the factors that are important for a tax savings, such as advertising costs, office, two households, commuter tax or Riester pension. The WISO tax: Passbook 2017 download includes all the tax forms and covers all special cases.

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The course of the preparation of your tax return is simple and clearly structured: First, you give your personal situation, such as place of residence, marital status and so on. Then you your income and expenses for example wages, rent, interest or business entities give one. WISO tax: savings account in 2017 shows up here all the time, how much money gets her refund from the tax office and from which locations have a tax saving is possible.

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Then you let all the inputs from WISO tax: Check savings account in 2017, the program determines if there are contradictions, you have chosen the right Veranlagungsart and made all the necessary entries. Then you can print or easily transmit to the tax office by ELSTER you your tax return.

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