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With the Revo Uninstaller download their programs can uninstall, remove startup entries and eliminate residual data. Besides you, the program provides a number of additional tools for system optimization.

Note: In addition to the available here freeware version of Revo Uninstaller there are also possesses Revo Uninstaller Pro, the advanced features and can be purchased at the link from the manufacturer or from Revo Uninstaller Free out.

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Of the Revo Uninstaller Download allows you to easily uninstall all programs and components on your Windows PC. The tool also includes some Cleaner tools and hunting mode, which allows you to uninstall even faster in Explorer mode programs that you would not have, and can perform some other actions.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller Download: Skills and operating way

After Revo Uninstaller download, install and start the program you find yourself back in the main window in the uninstall module. Here you are all the programs and components installed on your system displayed. If you want to uninstall a program or component, marked its entry with the mouse and goes on the icon &# 8220; uninstall Application&# 8221; in the toolbar.

If you click on the icon &# 8220; Extras&# 8221 ;, which is also located in the toolbar will be offered you some additional tools. With &# 8220; Startup Manager&# 8221; can you autostart entries of programs removed, while you &# 8220; Windows Tools&# 8221; allows quick access to useful Windows internal system programs. Furthermore are also tools to clean up the browser and MS Office to remove temp files and available

Dealing with the hunting mode of Revo Uninstaller

Furthermore, in Revo Uninstaller still chasing mode included. If you call this the relevant icon in the toolbar, the main window of Revo Uninstaller disappears and a crosshair on your desktop. This need only pull her over the icon of a program and release the mouse button to make a context menu of available options appears. The menu includes not only commands for uninstalling and removing the associated startup entry among others, those for stopping the process.

Also available: Revo Uninstaller Portable

  • Hunting mode for very easy uninstallation
  • Various additional optimization tools
  • No


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