Find attacks-attacks and Verlerner-Reminder: Pokémon sun and moon

The attacks-Verlerner and attacks-Reminder is important NPCs in Pokémon sun and moon, which are immensely important for optimizing the attacks of your Pokémon. But where do you find them? In this guide we tell you the locations of attacks-attacks and Verlerner-Reminder and tell you also what you can do with them.

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In the Alola region different NPCs perform important functions that turn out for you by hunting monsters in handy. Besides the name, there is the possibility the Reviewer Attacks-Verlerner and the Attacks-Reminder. Wherever you find them, you experience below. With us you will also find tips for your trip to the Alola region.

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Pokémon sun and moon: learning attacks during attacks-Reminder

locality: In Pokémon Center Mount Lanakila south of the Alola League. It is the elderly woman in green dresses.


When attacks-Reminder you can in exchange for a heart scale a Breeding attack learn for your Pokémon. but or has previously ruled ever had an attack that your Pokémon. This is useful, for example, if you catch a Pokémon at a higher level or have received following an exchange. The Pokémon then that any major attacks of stock.

The attacks-Reminder can Pokémon but teach only attacks that can learn it by Level Rises. If a Pokémon so earlier learned about attacks TMs, these can not be learned again at the NPC. Very practical it is, however, that you can teach also attacks the lady who would learn a Pokémon only at a higher level. Will you therefore your Pikachu not only train to level 42 so it finally learns Thunderbolt will help you the attacks-Reminder from here.

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Pokémon sun and moon: Forgot attacks during attacks-Verlerner

locality: In Pokémon Center Hauholi City. It is the older man, balding, offering its services for no consideration.


The attacks-Verlerner has in sun and moon not so important function more as in previous Pokémon games. for the VMs there is no longer in the current part. These included attacks like surfer or chopping machines, which were intended for use in the area and could be forgotten with the aid of the attacks-Verlerners.

Because there is no VM attacks more, you can all your attacks also replace themselves and no longer needs the attacks-Verlerner actually. Still, you know now where to find him.

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