Telegram: Delete Contact Power – How To

Shortly after the news about the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook has made the rounds, many smartphone users have resorted to one of the many alternatives WhatsApp. One of them is the product derived from the Russian development Telegram. Find out here how to delete contacts in Telegram.

Telegram: Delete Contact Power - How To

Unlike WhatsApp where the delete contacts is only possible via a detour via the address of the smartphone, Telegram provides for its own function.

Telegram: Delete Contact Power - How ToSo you can delete contacts in Telegram

Do you want one Delete contact in Telegram, click in the address of a contact Telegram. Touches here the profile photo on the right top of the screen. By selecting "Edit" You can now edit the selected contact. So here can make some settings for the contact, for example. As an individual tone in a message to the contact. By selecting "Delete Contact" of the contact from the list of your friends Telegram disappears.

Deleting contacts is such. B. useful if there are in the list unknown entries and you have added people you do not know or does not want to know.

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delete contacts in Telegram: Step by Step Guide

  1. Open Telegram
  2. Search Photo of the erased contact
  3. touching their profile photo top right
  4. assisst "Edit"
  5. Select "Delete Contact"
  6. Once again confirm the deletion of the Telegram contact via "Delete Contact"

Telegram stands out for his safety as well as open source 'from the Messenger apps. encrypted or even self-destructing messages, photos, videos and documents it allows for exchange. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

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