Amazon: Pricehistory keep track & amp; Set Price Alert

If you compare prices, often gets the best bargains, you think. The various price comparison sites on the net to help one find the current low price, but who compares prices over a short time or even for just one day, but often pays more than it should. however, the Amazon price history brings a long-term comparison, with which you can see if an item in the past has ever been more favorable than the current &# 8220; Best Value&# 8221; want to pretend one. In this guide we show you how to keep the price fluctuations on Amazon in mind and can even set at the desired price of you you a price alert.

Amazon: Pricehistory keep track & amp; Set Price Alert


Some of you are probably also noticed already that many products have on the price comparison sites any significant price difference between the various traders. And price fluctuations are nowadays often quickly adapted by all online retailers. For example, if the articles from a more expensive day to the next so Amazon, the price rises on the other sides. to find a real offer or to make a bargain, thus becomes difficult.

With an Amazon price history but you can at least check whether the apparent bargains is even one or whether the same product may have already been offered far more affordable in the past. For this example, one can use the Amazon price history page Amacheck or My target price.

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Amazon: Check Price history

amazon award runningIf you want to see the price history of a particular product, it goes as follows:

  1. Start your browser and go to Amacheck or my desired price.
  2. Give the product or the direct Amazon URL of the article into the search field.
  3. To see the price history, you click now:
    • In Amacheck under the product image on &# 8220; the price history&# 8221; or
    • In my desired price on the button &# 8220; See Pricehistory&# 8221 ;.


Now you see the Amazon price history and can see whether the article in the past has already offered more cheaply. In Amacheck you can also see in addition to the price fluctuations of the regular Amazon prices, shows the changes the prices on the Amazon Marketplace and in the used goods.


Price history of Samsung Galaxy S7 // Source: amacheck.dePrice history of Samsung Galaxy S7 // Source:

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Set Amazon Price Alert

If the product of your desire is currently offered more expensive, you can sit a practical price alert on the sides. For this you need only your desired price for the product and select the amount of time that want to monitor their article.

These must specify her your e-mail address so that you can be sent the price alert when the item reaches your desired price. So you no longer missed if the item is offered at the price that you're willing to pay.

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