Watchdogs 2 does not start: FPS dips, multiplayer errors and more

Hacker adventure Watch Dogs 2 around Marcus Holloway you explore an open San Francisco. Several multiplayer modes are designed to provide a welcome change. but if the game crashes or not even starts, sets the trouble. We tell you in this article, what you can do about it.

Watch Dogs 2 does not start or crashes constantly from? In this article we show you the most trouble, the other players have the hacker adventure and try to find solutions. Do you have more errors with two watchdogs noticed? Then write us a comment under this article. We update this text constantly, to more mistakes and write down solutions.

See here the first 30 minutes of Watch Dogs 2:

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Watchdogs 2 does not start? General tips on this problem

The most common source of error in crashes are old Graphics cards and sound drivers. So you can easily play two watchdogs, so make sure you keep up to date all the drivers. Nvidia and AMD already bring to release new software out, can the ye download free.

  • Current drivers AMD-hardware
  • Current drivers Nvidia-hardware

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In the above-linked websites you have to select only your model. You are you not sure if you have already installed the latest drivers can, as a precaution click on her new driver on the website and install it. In general, the program will give you know if you've already downloaded the driver.

Watchdogs 2 does not start? Marcus and his crew can not help you - we do!Watchdogs 2 does not start? Marcus and his crew can not help you &# 8211; we do!

Look at the minimum and recommended system requirements to see if the problems do not lie on your PC. The game is specifically optimized for AMD hardware and is also best run here probably. In addition, it produces the best results with DirectX 12. Be ye not sure what hardware is installed in your PC, can you look beyond the Windows Just look for dxdiag.exe. This is a DirectX program that you display your entire hardware. It is also possible here to create a text file thereof, should you forward the e-mail traffic with the support. Did you Watch Dogs 2 started on Steam can you also perform the fault diagnosis here. Go to to your Steam library and performs a right click on the game. now selects game files for error check. The process can take short. Has its one Geforce graphics card we recommend you also run the following graphic and Performance Guide from Nvidia:

Graphics and Performance Guide from Nvidia*

FPS a breaking and increase the image

First player who could play two before the release watchdogs report FPS Collapsing. These arise only after some playing time. Ubisoft admits here already error and points to a day-one patch, which is to keep the FPS stable.

(Source: Twitter / Kevin Beaumont)(Source: Twitter / Kevin Beaumont)

Has its one 2GB graphics card you have to pretty to the graphics options Screw &# 8211; namely downward. Especially the open world demands a lot from your PC, so textures and Co. should be screwed down. Also strong gaming computer can ever break into watchdogs second Is that with you the case, you should try the following:

  • decreases additional details in the graphics options.
  • SSR can ensure that their recorded frame rate dips at night or when it rains. therefore reduces the &# 8220; Screen Space Reflection&# 8221; application rate to very high or just high.
  • Another option is the screen resolution be. Tests also a reduction.
  • Used her Ultra textures pack, should you keep in mind that VRAM may not add up in SLI and Crossfire setups. So you absolutely requires 6 GB of RAM per graphics card, so that everything can be perfect and liquid shown.

Have you otherwise recorded still problems in this context, also the oldest method helps the world: just click on shut down and restart the PC together with the game.

Watchdogs 2 at Uplay not start

In this case, you should in the options of the Uplay disable overlay. Also the Cloud sync can lead to errors and problems.

Screen tearing: Image tears irregularly

Again, there is still no official solution &# 8211; a patch to fix the problem well. However, you can try off V-Sync. Most of this effect is to blame. Disabled V-Sync and start the game. Will you now continue playing V-Sync, it just switches back on in the settings. For that you have the game does not restart.

Multiplayer leads to crashes

Since the multiplayer of Watch Dogs 2 regularly leads to crashes of the game, Ubisoft has some More modes of player disabled and reactivated again later. However, until now it works with almost all the players without problems. Do you need some tips for seamless multiplayer, you can find help elsewhere. The seamless multiplayer of Watch Dogs 2 required PS Plus on the console. You are not a PS Plus member, the online mode does not work and shows you accordingly notifications to.

Connection problems with PS4, Xbox One and PC

Breaks your connection to the console from which can mostly be due to the ports. but first you should the Reset Network Hardware. Drive to your console down and turn off your router / modem. Separates the two devices from the mains and waits 60 seconds. After that you can connect everything again. Begins first with the router and wait until all lights flash again. Has not helped, you should change the ports or release. That you have to but do on a PC. Calls for the link page to your router and give the following ports free:

Xbox OnePS4PC
Games portsUDP: 500, 3074, 9104 / TCP: 80, 443UDP: 3658, 9103, 11100, 11105 / TCP: 80, 443UDP: 9000, 9103, 11100, 11105 / TCP: 80, 443
PSN, Xbox Live and Uplay portsUDP: 53, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500 / TCP: 53 80, 3074UDP: 3478, 3479 / TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480TCP: 80, 443, 14000, 14008, 14020, 14021, 14022, 14023 and 14024

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