Life is Strange: This is the Limited Edition

The Episode Game Life is Strange appeared so far appeared exclusively as a digital download for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Now Square Enix has also announced a limited disc version!

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With one game money, although it is not yet fully developed, today has many facets. In addition to pre-sales, unfinished publications and Early Access there is also the episodes. This episode games enjoy, particularly in recent years, not only big criticism but also very popular. Besides Telltale Games, the pioneers of this genre, other studios and publishers have already discovered the distribution of a game as a series of its own. First and foremost is because Square Enix, which will soon publish a new Hitman offshoot in Episode shape and already brought us Life is Strange in this way closer. Often such games, as well as Square Enix Life is Strange appear initially only as a digital download. Later there is then a disc version as a complete package. So also with Square Enix Life is Strange.

Today, the publisher, the Life is Strange Limited Edition has announced that we already know a few days. This offers the entire game, so all five episodes in a box with disc and all the trimmings. This means you will receive among other things, the five episodes including German subtitles and a CD with the Sundtrack the game. This includes 22 songs, eight of them by the composer of Life is Strange soundtracks Jonathan Morali.

Appear is the Life is Strange Limited Edition Dontnod on 22 January 2016. It is therefore just a little waiting time required. &# 8220; From the beginning, we wanted to share this experience in the form of a classic box with our fans. It now with this limited edition full of special add-ons that have been asking a lot of fans, therefore immensely pleased, "said Dontnod producer Luc Baghadoust. Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC are supplied.

All Life is Strange episodes for the PC is available here!*

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That's in the Life is Strange Limited Edition

  1. Life is Strange as disc version with all five episodes
  2. German subtitles
  3. A 32-page artbook
  4. Developers comment
  5. The soundtrack of the game on CD

This is the tracklist of Life is Strange soundtracks

  1. Syd Matters - 'To All Of You'
  2. José González - 'Crosses'
  3. Angus & Julia Stone - 'Santa Monica Dream'
  4. Sparklehorse - 'Piano Fire'
  5. alt-J - 'Something Good'
  6. Local Natives - 'Mt. Washington'
  7. Bright Eyes - &# 8216; Lua&8217;
  8. Mogwai - 'Kids Will Be Skeletons'
  9. Amanda Palmer - 'In My Mind' (feat Brian Viglione.)
  10. Message To Bears - 'Mountains'
  11. Breton - 'Got Well Soon'
  12. Mud Flow - 'The Sense of Me'
  13. Foals - 'Spanish Sahara'
  14. Syd Matters - 'obstacles'

Original Score by Jonathan Morali

  1. Jonathan Morali - 'Golden Hour'
  2. Jonathan Morali - 'The Storm'
  3. Jonathan Morali - 'Blackwell Academy'
  4. Jonathan Morali - 'Kate'
  5. Jonathan Morali - 'Timeless'
  6. Jonathan Morali - 'Timelines'
  7. Jonathan Morali - 'Night Walk'
  8. Jonathan Morali - 'Max & Chloe '

Life is Strange Limited Edition will be released on January 22, 2016. If you do not want to wait that long, you can watch all the episodes also easily download from the stores.

Life is Strange Limited Edition

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