Shared Calendar – thus adjusting her your dates!

A common calendar is not only useful in the office, but also in the private sector. In order to provide for example the appointments of a family life or to match with the partner. We introduce you to a couple of ways.

So that a common calendar works not only as a paper version at home on the wall, but also on the road is open, you need a Online calendar. Which is now part of every free e-mail account. The easiest way to use as a calendar in common is the Shared access to an account. All of them sharing a user name and password have full access to the calendar and see what the others have entered.

However, since the difficulties inevitable. For safety reasons, the alarm systems of some providers take action if you want to access from other sources and with other devices on the account permanently. So we recommend a different approach ...

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share calendars, share, and use so common

Assuming that all participants own Mail account with the same provider have is a shared calendar with no problem! All mail provider with calendar - such as Google - provide an opportunity for calendar sharing available. Here, a calendar will be created by one person (you can create several separate calendars) and then shared with other people. Different access rights are possible, up to the shared and completed calendar.

Shared Google Calendar through calendar sharing

Using the example of a Google calendar, we want to tell you how you can share a calendar.


  • Each participant of the calendar should an already Account with Gmail to have. Sends you a person with a different e-mail account a sharing invitation, it must create an account so the first time.
shared-calendar-googleA common calendar with full access

For the Applying the shared calendar it does not matter who makes the participants. However, this is first person getting full access have and usually also the Manage your calendar releases. This means that these participants will decide what everyone else is allowed in the calendar and what is not.

A common calendar especially makes sense if all the people involved in it to create, change and delete may also dates. Using the "Processing discipline" should be agreed in a conversation.

So it adopts a common calendar to Google to, divides the calendar and manages rights:

We assume that all "calendar members" already have a Google account. Otherwise, an invitee must - as mentioned above - to create such an account before the first access. Here are the instructions step by step.

  1. In the first step of the calendar administrator creates a new calendar. For this he will sign into their Google Account and jumps to the calendar.
  2. Links under "My calendars" clicking on the small arrow and in the following menu "Create New Calendar".
  3. Now a window in which you give the calendar a name and can already release it opens.
  4. First you forgive up a name.
  5. Below, in the field "Share with specific people", contributes her a an e-mail address, is right in the pull-down menu "Make changes to events" permission on and clicks "Add person".
  6. The repeated her until all participants were invited. Subsequently Click above on "Create Calendar".
shared calendar rightNot everyone should be in a shared calendar have all the rights!

Now you will be asked again whether the persons to be invited by e-mail to this calendar, which you confirmed. The permission "Change dates" in principle means a full access to all features of the common calendar. The only limitation with respect to the managers is that the other participants can invite anyone with a calendar sharing.

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Set alerts the common calendar

Mostly you sit down at your own appointments a notification to be reminded of it. At a joint calendar but notifications are also possible and necessary. As a rule, use the calendar so common to know about the dates of other decision. But you will need to either check the calendar regularly - or to set a notification.

shared-calendar alertNew events in the shared calendar gets her with immediately

So it sets the calendar notifications in shared calendar:

  1. Click on the small arrow next to the calendar name and in the next menu "Edit Notifications".
  2. In the next window you sit down in the "Choose how you want to receive" a check mark next to each option that want to use it. For example, let you notify So you by e-mail when a Temin newly added or changed (which includes a deletion!).
  3. Still below click on the Save button and from now on you will be informed about important changes in the common calendar.

In this section, you can let you send a daily agenda. Which is sent in the morning at 5:00 am and unterreichtet you about all upcoming events of the day.

Should only be used a common calendar, so that a larger group of people about the dates of some is less informed, it governs the permissions. Thus, as the whole staff see the availability of the bosses or all see have when the other vacation submitted.


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