Your Name: Successful Anime comes in German cinemas

The extremely successful anime film Your name comes in January 2018 in the German cinemas.

With over 300 million US dollars revenue Your name belongs - Kimo no Na wa in the original - the world's most successful anime films, but we not yet arrived in Germany to enjoy the work of Makato Shinkai.

The YouTube Channel Tokyopop TV has uploaded a subtitled trailer:

How universe Anime was now known, among others via Facebook, is that supposed to change but in January 2018th Accordingly, the film on 11 and 14 January will be shown in 120 cinemas in Germany.

your_name_facebook© Facebook / universe Anime

Advance ticket sales for anime highlight starts on November 2, 2017. For more information, meanwhile, is not yet known. So the cinemas showing the film, only on November 2 will be announced. A few days ago director had J.J. Abrams announced at a live-action adaptation of the substance - we reported.

Anime there are not only in the cinema, but also for example in Amazon Prime:

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The film has already seen a DVD release, but the box is out of print for some time. Your name is about two students who have never met and find that they can use it to exchange their bodies and their lives suddenly. Are you looking forward to the movie or are you waiting rather, until the work is back to have on DVD / Blu-Ray?


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