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Under load game not only the fingers and the player's head can smoke themselves, but possibly also times the graphics card. But what temperature must reach a graphics card and a maximum from when to harm its graphics processor at high temperatures? we want to pursue in this guide these and other questions.

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Maximum video card temperature?

In which temperature range a graphics card should work well, can not make sweeping statements, as are different, the maximum temperatures of graphics card to graphics card. So there is between the GPUs of the two major manufacturers Nvidia and AMD but also in the different models and generations partially larger differences.

GPU temperature scaleAnyone who has looked at for the first time, the temperatures of its graphics card after an extended gaming session, will probably be scared: &# 8220; As one can easily fry an egg on it&# 8221 ;. Thus, in an elaborate game some values ​​to 90 ° C and above not uncommon. Here the pain threshold begins for many graphics cards but slow. So Nvidia example, their models are often Maximum values ​​between 91 ° C and 98 ° C at. Unfortunately, AMD holds when the temperature values ​​something bedecktet, but again, the pain threshold in the 90 range to begin.

That does not mean that your computer immediately burst into flames when the graphics card should even reach over 100 ° C. However, this should not happen often or for a longer period of time also because the service life of the graphics card can be greatly shortened.

Under ideal conditions, the graphics card while playing should therefore most of the time are in the range between 60 ° C and 85 ° C.

reduce GPU temperature

The individual pain threshold of a graphics card should not be exceeded in fact, since this can cause permanent damage. Usually, the graphics cards these temperatures should not reach as well. Nowadays some protection circuits are present, so that the graphics card under load first starts up the fan and if even this can not herrunter regulate on the green area, the temperature, the card automatically clocks down to produce less heat. By throttling may come naturally to losses in FPS in the game.

Video card temperature pixels Boom CoverSo if you have determined that your video card is unreasonably hot or the games run less liquid after a certain playing time, should you try the graphics card in the temperature control to extend the helping hand. On the one hand here often do wonders already cleaning the computer and relief from annoying dust. If that does not help, you can try the airflow inside your computer to improve by adding new fan or a better cable management.

So you should the temperatures of your graphics card lower bit and thus their lives can extend something. However, unless a defect on the graphics card is present &# 8211; which of course never ruled out &# 8211; should never reach a really critical temperature, as they should previously simply be switched off or the entire computer, the GPU. So it's not easy, a GPU, whether to destroy Nvidia or AMD, if you do not make deliberately to work and damaged the radiator or increases the voltage.

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