Football Manager 2018 allows gay players

The British Football Manager series allows for the first time in the series history homosexual players.

Those who prefer to be as a player rather than as a manager on the go can access also to FIFA as every year:

30404FIFA 18 - Our test for the soccer simulation

In football manager you are exceptionally not go as a player on the court, but steer the fortunes of your club from the desk. So you decide even which of the many players you shop for your team. In the latest issue of football Managers can now even find that one of your athletes is outed as gay.

The decision was made because gay football players are no longer rare, Game Director Miles Jacobson told the BBC. He suspects that there are many more gay players in professional football clubs, however, do not dare to do it in public.

Not only in football managers are lively:

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With football manager 2018 they want to show that the outing of a player may also have positive effects. So the outing of a player carries about this that the club gets an increased media attention and new fans from the LGBTQI scene. Moral rights are not violated, since all players are generated in the simulation randomly by the computer. However, to avoid legal problems, the developers made sure that players in countries where homosexuality is still considered illegal not to come out.


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