Farming Simulator 17: make money – so you will quickly millionaire

Money makes the world and is also in Farming Simulator 17 crucial. Because only through the sale of your goods is increasing its your capital and can you buy such as more fields or acquire ultra-modern harvesters. In this guide we'll tell you why, as you can quickly make money on the LS 17 and be financially secure.

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When selling your goods LS 17 Many factors play a role, because the rates are not fixed and are of supply and demand certainly. There are also various outlets on the map that pay different prices for your products. Case have not yet produced goods it, we also give you advice on farming, forestry and animal husbandry in Farming Simulator 17th

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Farming Simulator 17: sell products and make money

Your harvested crops and agricultural products brings her usually with a dump truck or trailer to the Outlets on the map, which are marked with a special symbol (see figure below). Before her but never previously have a look into the Menu with the purchase prices. Here you can see at a glance which outlets to buy the products and where you can make the best price.

Farming Simulator 17_20161024223529Outlets are marked with a yellow arrow icon.

affecting supply and demand

The prices for all salable goods are in Farming Simulator 17 recalculated daily and depend on themselves supply and demand. This system can significantly impact her but by her decide what and how much supply it. Specializing ye, for example, at the beginning only to the sale of wheat, demand and thus the price will always continue to fall. Conversely, this means that other commodities which it otherwise does not sell in the price rise and thus the demand is experiencing a high.

Farming Simulator 17_20161024223556In this example, Goldcrest Pacific Grain currently paying more for sunflower as the Denton Bakery.Tip: Observe great demand! In the LS 17, the outlets compete with each other, sometimes to a sudden demand high of a particular product results. During this time, you will get significantly more money for certain goods at the corresponding unloading point. In such a situation, you will be informed by a message in the game. then looks to the menu &Prices, 8220&# 8221 ;, to see what goods achieve just particularly high prices.

credit record for more money

Should you be short of money again, but desperately need money to invest, you can always a take credit in the bank. This it does through the menu &Finance; # 8220&# 8221;, where their respective loans of 5000 Euro can absorb and repay again in these steps. Do not be greedy and do not take too much credit for, because for every credit you have at end of day interest numbers!

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The Finance menu helps you additionally Overview of your income and expenses to keep. These are recorded here for the current and the last four days.

Placeable objects as regular income source

In addition to agricultural activities, there are also alternative sources of income for more money. So there are different placeable objects in the game that you generate regular profits. This includes.

  • apiaries
  • solar collectors
  • Wind turbines
  • Greenhouses

in the Glasshouse be independently Lettuce and tomato produces, if you get the water supply upright. Entertainment, using a mobile water tank as the Joskin Aquatrans XL 7300 S and fills the greenhouse on the edge with water. In addition, the greenhouse manure, which you can fill in the wooden box on the side with a shovel or a pitchfork needed.

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Monetizing missions

earn a quick and easy way to money represents the Mission system is. Unless you have not heard one of the fields on the card, you can here the corresponding Icon at the edge of a field go and accept missions to other farmers. These give you money if you dug bert, composting or thresh their crops. The necessary equipment will be provided to you available for this purpose.

Each mission is a maximum time limit provided and you are in compliance within the time a fixed salary. remains the more time there, the more money gets her addition as a bonus. In addition, it improves relationship a farmer with every task that you fulfill for him. This is illustrated by a bar below his portrait. The better the relationship with a farmer, the cheaper you can finally buy his field.

Farming Simulator 17_20161025215609With missions can be quickly and easily make money.

Pro-Tip: How will you a millionaire in one hour

Do you really want quickly get money, we can give you a good tip. Collect this easy All 100 Gold Nuggets one that are hidden on the map of Goldcrest Valley. Did you find all 100 Gold chunk gets her 1,000,000 euros well written on your account. So are your financial worries once in the past. In our Photogallery with videos we take you to all the localities of gold nuggets.

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