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It is time to plan the number of our lives. We have two options once again. In the subtle variation we grab vans and so infiltrate the bank while Lester provides some distraction. In the brutal variant we täsuchen in the main room of the bank before a raid, while the rest of the crew to vorarbeitet to the depot with a huge drill. We take once the subtle variation.


We need a large crew: two shooters, two drivers and a hacker. Patzer the big thing would be very annoying, so be advised you to to hire professionals. Fortunately, your veterans should now have a lot of experience. We need vehicles that are able to transport four tons of gold, and nail boards, such as the police used. After planning we have the mission &# 8220; complete basics of parenting, "then Lester contacted us with the details.


Behind a police station in Rancho we find a police van, we steal. To enter the courtyard of the police, so let's use our own car climbing aid: We park it at one of the walls surrounding the courtyard, climbing with square / X to the roof and from here over the wall. Ind it stand near a policeman, but we ignore, we grab the van, leaving him the farm (the gate now opens from us hanging possibly via side streets and alleys the cops and drive him back to the hideout.


Depending on how good is our hackers, we have detailed information about the whereabouts of the three Gauntlets, we have to get (Lester itself has a distended). We can theoretically obtain what in other ways. Depending on the capabilities of our hacker Lester also provides card-outs, so trying to determine the position of the cars on this. In Pillbox, just north of Little Seoul, there is a car park, on the top floor we find one of the cars. We drive it to Los Santos Customs and buy the upgrade &# 8220; gold preparation ". If we want, we can also bring other upgrades that are sure to be useful in the run, about armor or bulletproof tires.


The second Gauntlet is in Rockford Hills north of the city, north of the intersection at which converge the four major roads - the Juweilier from the Mission &# 8220; The jewel robbery "is very close. The last site is in the mission Row, east of the city, a piece of the east of the Ammu-Nation, which also has a shooting range. but you can also use other as I said Gauntlets for the mission, if you see so go one (in Rockford Hills include many who parked), simply banging on. Are the remaining two carts worried and beefed up, the preparations have been completed.

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