PokéVision is down: Alternatives and support material (Update: mapping service goes offline)

To help you search for pocket monsters in Pokémon GO, there are now the site of PokéVision that keeps you in real time about the current localities of Pokémon to date. If PokéVision times be down, you will find in our practical solution aids and alternatives so that you can continue unerringly search.

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Many third-party websites easier now use with Pokémon GO. So you can server status through various pages to review or you inform pokevision.com of the current locations of Pokémon in real time. What can you do if PokéVision down and what the alternatives are for the search, you learn in this guide.

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Updated on August 1, 2016

PokéVision is offline: Niantic and Nintendo provide shutdown

As was to be feared already, developers Niantic and Nintendo are not enthusiastic about PokéVision that players indicating the locations of Pokémon on the map. Accordingly, the makers of the map service were encouraged to take the page offline. According to a Tweet they are also complied with this request. PokéVision is down and is currently unreachable.

According to a second Tweet, however, tried to reach an agreement in order to continue to receive PokéVision alive. but speaks against the testimony of Niantic CEO John Hanke, who spoke out in an interview with the magazine Forbes against the benefits of external tools for finding Pokémon.

So you can currently so only rely on the alternatives that we introduce to you in more detail below.

Original article from July 26, 2016

PokéVision is down: The can you do

If PokéVision does not work or is down, you have the possibility your own personal Poké Radar to create. Simply you register your own server on the side of Github. In this subreddit of The Road Silph their instructions and explanations will do so.

pokemon-go pokevision-is-down alternative

You can download, for example, a card in the latest version here you. You simply invites to the necessary files, uncompress them and opens the appropriate .exe file. then Simply log one with a separate Pokémon Trainer Club account and you have your own Poké Radar.

We created you herself a radar from the ground up, you see the instructions in the following video.

Developers Niantic has not yet responded to such self-created pages that function like cheats basically because it yourselves in real time display the localities of Pokémon. So it could be that such sites are banned in the future, so use at your own risk.

PokéVision: alternatives Overview

PokéVision is not the only site that will help you in the search for Pokémon. So you can resort to the following alternatives for the search.

  • PokéMapper: On this page you can mark their Pokémon your sightings on a map, so that other players can also look to find Pokémon at corresponding locations.
  • Poké Radar: Again sightings recorded on an interactive map and also there is Poké Radar as a free app for Android and iOS *PokéVision is down: Alternatives and support material (Update: mapping service goes offline).

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