PayPal: withdraw money

PayPal is a convenient method to pay money online or to receive payments. Has been sent to your PayPal account a payment through the payment service, the money does not go directly to the bank account, but is temporarily stored at PayPal. If you want to access outside of PayPal on the credit, you must withdraw at PayPal the money.

Here you learn how to withdraw quickly and safely at PayPal money and how long the process takes. A payout is only possible course, if also balances such. B. from the sale on eBay or manual charging, is on the PayPal account.

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PayPal: withdraw money - how it works

In general, all PayPal transactions should be made directly through the website. So waived for. B. sure to select links to PayPal from e-mails or on other websites. It often happens recreate the cyber scammers authentic-looking emails in PayPal look to get so at your credentials. Do you want to load the money from us to the account goes as follows:

  1. Controls the PayPal website and log in with your credentials you a.
  2. After logging in you your transaction history associated with all cash receipts and cash outputs of the last days and weeks at PayPal.
  3. In the left pane you can find the current credit balance on your PayPal account.
  4. Under the button, the button is "money debited."
  5. Click the on button. In the next step you give one the amount that want to transfer their PayPal- from the bank account. Are several bank accounts linked to PayPal, you can also select at this point where the money should be transferred.
  6. Finally click "withdraw money" on.
paypal-money-debitLinks below the balances you will find the button below to &# 8220; withdraw money&# 8221 ;.


Money debited at PayPal: duration and cost

The PayPal debit is now done. The transaction on your account is free. For processing the transfer from PayPal- on their own account, you should approximately one to two days to be patient. The duration of the withdrawal depends on the own bank. For problems with the debit you should contact the PayPal hotline.

accepting money withdraw-1The processing takes 1-2 days to work.

With us you also learn what you can do when a PayPal payment is not possible.

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