Cities – Skylines: The municipal services at a glance

To your town in Cities: Skylines may flourish, a positive satisfaction of your people is essential. That you can influence it by many factors, but the most important is probably a decent supply by the municipal services. We tell you which ones are and how you should use.

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So that the residents of your town a good and especially productive life (we want to be able to justify the tax) can lead, they must be served by the five basic services. These are the urban services energy, waste disposal, education, health / safety and water supply.

Unlocking all municipal services grant you success

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The urban services of Cities: Skylines at a glance


The financing of urban services can be set manually by you. It is not a stand-alone service, but responsible for ensuring that the other institutions are reliable and productive.

The level of financing can be set between 50% and 150%. On cost-effective course they run at 100%. For while 50% financing constitutes an effectiveness of 25% of the services, the services are working at 150% with a 125% strength effect, but cost more than necessary.

An increase in funding over 100% therefore recommended only if you are in need.


A city with stupid and uneducated people may be happy, but it also never be productive. Primary schools, colleges and universities provide children, teens and adults with adolescent education.

The educational level determines how often buildings can be upgraded in your town.

  • Elementary Schools: Create a basis of education
  • universities: Promote education for Industry and Entrepreneurship
  • universities: Citizens create highly educated, which may work better in industry and business (required for success &# 8220; Higher Education&# 8221;)

waste disposal

All buildings your town produce waste that must be eliminated. The possibilities of waste disposal (not come paradox after all, from Germany, but Sweden) on a dump and incinerator limited.

The more your city grows the more waste is produced and the more waste disposal solutions are needed. This should be the way, placed far away from the residential area, so that the residents do not feel bothered by the stench. However, you must consider that the garbage trucks to use the roads and do not get in traffic jams or should return to long distances.

  • Dumps: Here, the waste is collected until the landfill is full
  • Combustion power plant: Can either be approached independently or be supplied by waste dumps. Energy is obtained from the decimated waste


Unless you want to not get caught in the Stone Age mode, should you your town with the necessary energy &# 8211; is current &# 8211; supply. There is not enough electricity in the city, residents pull away at some point.

Power plants should not be built too close to residential areas because no one likes to sleep under a high-voltage work. But keep in mind, however, that her Leitmasten have to relocate, the further the power plant is located.

The various power plants in Cities: Skylines are:

  • Coal-fired power station: Causing pollution, but provides for orderly energy
  • Wind Turbine: The noise pollution from wind turbines is enormous, the energy output, however slight
  • Combustion power plant: Although these polluter pollutes the environment greatly and is loud, but here you can make your waste to electricity
  • Oil power plant: Only a little dirty and not so loud, it produces a large amount of electricity
  • Enhanced Wind Turbine: Still just as loud as normal turbine this wind turbine produces more electricity minimal
  • Hydroelectric power plant: Depending on the amount of water that flows through the associated dam, the power plant generates moderate energy without causing pollution
  • Solar power plant: Second highest energy supplier
  • Nuclear power plant: Incredibly expensive to purchase and attitude, but also super-efficient. You have to agree with your conscience&# 8230;

Healthcare / protection

your people feel safe from disease, crime and fire or other disasters, they can lead productive lives. they are guaranteed by fire stations, police stations and hospitals. But the dead must be disposed of in a steadily growing city.

Builds cemeteries to be picked up the dead, that did not take off the other inhabitants of a house with death after some time. Cemeteries are crowded, they can &# 8211; similar to the landfill &# 8211; be outsourced to other crematoria or cemeteries.

Water and sanitation

Equally important as a functioning energy supply is the supply of fresh water and disposal of poop and pee.

For that you have to water pumps and sewage treatment plants with a far-reaching water pipe network laid in your city. The location for your water pump you should choose carefully, however, so you get no health problems with water pollution.

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