The HiJackThis Download puts you in a position to create logs of important system areas to detect any changes by malicious software, and so reveal an infection of the system by malware.

Of the HiJackThis download finds malware and other threats not by looking for a particular malware program or malicious URLs, but by the tool creates a log file of key areas of the registry and the hard drive and changes in these notes that are typically performed by malicious programs. While this is an effective way is to detect malware that has taken root on the system, but one for the log files also can understand needs, making the HiJackThis Download attractive for advanced users.

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HiJackThis Download: operation of the program

HiJackThis is portable, i.e. you can copy the program to a USB flash drive and start from the latter on any computer without installation. After downloading HijackThis and the start of the program, whose program window with the main menu. Here you can perform a system scan and can save the log file created for this on request. Furthermore, you can see a list of saved log files and the "Misc Tools" (various tools) open -Sektion. Here you will find additional, offered by HiJackThis functions. For example, you can create a list of the program executed at system startup programs or open the ADS Spy tool that discovers spyware on your computer by uncovering hidden data transmission.

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