One Piece Burning Blood in review: Wild brawl with plenty of fan service

After excursions into the genre Warriors One Piece returns to his roots with Whipper-Burning Blood. With its story it wants to win, fans of manga and anime for themselves. Whether the brightly colored Beat &# 8216; em Up can prove clout or must put up with too much, learn it in our review.

4875One Piece Burning Blood in test

One Piece Burning Blood in test

The Whipper-potential seems to have been set one-piece playing in the cradle. Even the original series is full of spectacular fight scenes and insane attacks. Burning Blood takes this template joyfully and links them with fun tag team elements. This means that you can simultaneously pull into battle with up to three characters and beat your opponents with massive team attacks to flight.

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The battle of Marine Ford

Central to this is the story mode, which tells you the exciting events during the Battle of Marineford, which - if you ask me - is one of the best scenes of the series. That is, just like the whole game, held in a beautiful cel-shaded style reminiscent thanks to its hatching and Japanese characters in the manga template. The voice acting is kept in the original Japanese, but the well-translated German subtitles can not despair you. This is fan service at its best, but unfortunately leaves due to lack of contextualization of the battle one-piece newcomers are completely in the rain. And after more than two or three hours the story mode is then already over.


After completing the story, however, your journey is by no means reached the end. Bandai Namco has you in One Piece Burning Blood four other modes, in which you decide between friendship game rank or pirate flag battle including a comprehensive online mode. In the latter, you are entering permanently a band of pirates with, and trying with this to occupy islands and so move up the gangs ranking. Of course you can also play completely offline. As in other Beat &# 8216; em ups one can use the local one and two-player mode, as well as the profile mode in which completing their various combat missions, thus gaining more of the in-game currency Berry.

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Characters abound

With this virtual currency, it is possible you unlock new fighters. And the fall out surprisingly numerous. 42 characters, all of which are known from manga and anime, go with you into battle. Among these are the known suspects Luffy, Nami, Lyssop, Zoro and Sanji, but also elementary supporting characters like Ace, Shanks or Whitebeard. Even the &# 8216; bad side of the force&8217; with Blackbeard or the Navy is playable.

character selection

If your favorite character is not playable, so it can be found among the determined supporters characters that stand and fight behind you automatically increase your attacks or healing. These heroes squad includes 65 additional fighters from the One Piece universe is enormously useful in fighting. Should you have you unexpectedly get tired seen at vielzähligen characters can earn their additional skins for your fighter. Unfortunately, they cost no earned Berry, but can only be purchased bundled with real money.

Fight until the trousers tear

In One Piece Burning Blood is primarily about one thing: ordinary punch. In addition to normal attacks and blocking it your opponents can also block through crushers, special attacks and Ultras attack - not to mention the vielzähligen tag team combos. Here, the status of your character is visualized not only by the health bar, you have time more and more scuffs and scratches on the body - and holes in the pants. This reminds you constantly to caution, looks extremely chic and is an elegant idea to bypass the importance of traditional HUDs.


Unlike the familiar genre representatives Street Fighter, Tekken or Soul Calibur you do not move in One Piece Burning Blood, incidentally, from left to right and back again, but totally free in space. This gives you more freedom of movement, you can in some situations but beat into space sometimes. That may still be a bit frustrating at the beginning, with time you get used to but the presentation, and then offers far more tactical options to evade the opponents.

Unfortunately, the control of the characters while remaining completely identical, even though each of them should have been individual attacks and had potential for change. The likes the barrier to entry for Beat&8217; keep em-up newbies although quite low, for genre veterans that is in the long run but unfortunately too monotonous. After a certain time you have the hang of it, and since you do not expect further challenges more motivation wanes on beating quite fast.

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Unfortunately, this also makes the balancing not up for it. Some characters are superhuman strong, while such massive characters like Whitebeard While playing really heavy, but cause little damage to the relationship. A second minus point: In story mode, the opponent will not be exponentially stronger but are sometimes more, sometimes less violent. This is a shame because it demanded too early too much you while the game later - to be if we actually expect demand - is comparatively too easy. While I have an eternity needed to defeat the two Pacifista at the beginning of the mode, the final boss was a very small evil.


My test Conclusion One Piece Burning Blood

One Piece Burning Blood is primarily designed for fan service. The game includes not only the most popular characters in the series, but also celebrates popular scenes extensively. The story is indeed fall a bit short, what the fun attacks but up for it.

The pity is that the gameplay while simple and abwechslungsarm remains that balancing is at times flawed and not activated skins for the characters, but must also be bought as a package.

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Who can generally do anything with One Piece, is therefore out of place here, while friends of the series may well strike. Personally, equally a fan of anime and Beat &# 8216; em ups have had any case, despite the weaknesses a lot of fun with the title.

One Piece Burning Blood is since June 3 on Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita available and costs, depending on the console, from 37 to 60 euros. A Steam version for the PC to follow.

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