Wasp nest in the shutter box: What to do? Prevention, regulations and costs

Wasps are often misunderstood beneficial insects in the garden and are protected by provisions of the Nature Protection Agency. A hornet's nest in the immediate proximity of human habitation, for example, in the shutter box, but can be very dangerous especially for small pets, children, seniors and Allergy, and should usually be removed. What rules you have to beware of and Tips on Preventing contains this guide. 

Wasp nest in the shutter box: What to do? Prevention, regulations and costs

The wasps queen dies in late summer, so late August &# 8211; September no more eggs are laid in the nest. From then on the 2,000 to 7,000 workers of a state swarm out to feed in humans with carbohydrates. The nest is definitely empty between November to April. A Altnest will never resettled.

It is not always necessary to remove a wasp nest in the shutter box. Often enough already some protective measures in order to come to terms with the Hymenoptera. but since the animals are protected, a conversion or a killing of insects by the competent authority must be authorized. Rarely do you get there permission to make the necessary steps themselves and it is without protective clothing also not recommended.

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Wasp nest in the shutter box &# 8211; preventive measures to prevent the construction

The best thing for the wasps, and the human residents is when the unpleasant building is thwarted in the shutter box in advance, so no animals have to be implemented. Wasps seek prefer quiet and unused areas for their activities, therefore the settlement in the shutter box is quite good preventive measure to stop:

  • Wasps are looking for March-May after a nice town for their nest &# 8211; they love it quiet and dark. A very good precaution against unwanted population of the roller shutter box is therefore to keep the blinds in the period from March to May in constant motion &# 8211; So the blind several times a day and pull down to collect.
  • Permanent lighting of the outdoor area in the dark attracts the insects &# 8211; so you should refrain at this time and to switch to a motion detector.
  • the box has cracks and holes? Then you should close it. Furthermore, risk spots can also be regularly swabbed with vinegar concentrate, which holds the wasps away.
  • Leftovers, rotten fruit and similarly attractive food options for wasps should be removed and stored far away from possible nesting sites.

Not only shutter boxes are welcome nesting sites, but also leaky walls, cracks in the roof, unused wooden boxes, rotten tree trunks and abandoned mouse and Maulwurfsbauten can be chosen by the queen establishing a state. Therefore, it is advisable to check the house and garden to these places now and to remove any rotten wood.

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Wasp nest in the brickwork

When must the hive will be removed in the shutter?

As mentioned, the animals are protected and they take over the garden very useful features, such as pest control. To give you a permit the nest to remove the insects must be a severe impairment or danger to humans, this is true if:

  • live elsewhere allergy sufferers who react to the poison of the wasp.
  • is the nest directly much frequented common areas of the house or apartment.
  • play near the wasp nest more often children.
  • Seniors and pets are fixed to the household.
  • the wasps enter the house or the apartment despite appropriate precautions and staying.
The removal of a wasps' nest without prior approval of the competent authority can draw fines in the thousands by themselves. Although acute danger is given, you should definitely organize the control of the situation by an authorized person. After a distance to prove the potential danger sufficient designed to be difficult. The destruction without permission is also prohibited under § 20d BNatSchG.

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The nest in the shutter box to off: Who does it and who bears the costs?

Previously, you could alert the volunteer fire department in these cases, unfortunately, this is no longer possible. Instead, you have to ask you in your local public office, who is responsible and what permits are necessary. As a rule, the nature conservation authority, the matter will take and send a person to study the actual events. This is also makes sense because there are different wasp species, of which only the German wasp and the Common Wasp are under simple conservation. For other types, there are other specific conditions.

Did you get a permit from the competent authority, so that is also the decision has been made whether the nest can be implemented or must be destroyed. This depends primarily on the exact location of the nest: in many cases, too many honeycombs are destroyed in the removal of the box and a reaction is out of the question.

For implementation should get oneself necessarily expert advice or assistance with beekeepers and pest control &# 8211; a destruction can alone accomplish with the right tools if necessary also.

The cost of a professional implementation or removal be between 50 and 150 €. That depends on the size and difficulty of the nest. Must pay the landlord or you can reduce the rent.

dispel hornet's nest in the roller shutter &# 8211; kill insects

Should the state be killed in the shutter box &# 8211; with permission &# 8211; there are two proven means:

  1. Bug spray *Wasp nest in the shutter box: What to do? Prevention, regulations and costs &# 8211; the commercial destruction agent is sprayed into the entrance hole of the wasps. Show up more wasps must be repeated the action.
  2. Wasp foam *Wasp nest in the shutter box: What to do? Prevention, regulations and costs &# 8211; Here is a brief seal comes to the insecticidal activity plus. Also, this agent is sprayed into the opening of the building, it closes the input self-employed and kills the animals.

woman in the garden with tomatoes tomatoes protect against wasps - wespennest in roller shutter box

Wasp nest in the roller shutter, which is never used: distraction and protection

If the shutter is never used, one can rethink relocation or destruction of the state again. Some measures may be sufficient then to come to terms with the subtenants and distribute wasps from his environment:

  • where you will remain undisturbed plant chilling plants in parts of the garden. Wasps are repelled by: tomatoes, basil, lavender, lemon balm, lemon geranium, lemon thyme. Also they take to their heels at the smell of: citronella candles, tea tree oil, cloves and mint oil.
  • Keep compost piles, waste bins and food scraps away from windows and doorways.
  • Fit fly screens on windows and doors.
  • Food and drinks cover.
  • Wasps fly on certain colors, yellow and red tones are staggering them. they find uninteresting white, so this is an ideal color when gardening in the wasps high season.

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