Between casual and core: Who or what is a “real gamers”? (Column)

We all play. This principle applies not only to the readers of this site, but for all people. After Homo sapiens Homo ludens, the playing man came. Playing video games has arrived in the general pop culture. Culture sciences deal with the still very young compared medium and even if the masses Games not want to accept as an art form, pioneers of the medium are unanimous: Games are art and will play an increasingly important role for the company in the future. But why is the Begiff &Gamer; # 8220&# 8221; still largely negative connotations and what makes a &# 8220; real gamer&# 8221; ever made?

quot Who or what is actually a &; quot ;? & real gamer: between casual and core (Column)

characterization "Gamer" is hautsächlich negative connotation among the general public. But very few of us are unwashed, socially lonely, brutal cellar children, even if we are still largely represented this way. In the broad media landscape defamed usually the group of gamers borders like the rest of pop culture, and likes to a perfidious manner apparently as the victim. Many are forced to defend their cherished hobby like a cornered animal to the death.

For simplicity, we share even themselves into categories and look down on others who have supposedly less idea, knowledge or skill than we do. The universal player pecking order that has been carved before the beginning of time in stone, is doing in ascending order as follows:

Casual Gamer

casualAfter widespread opinion within the higher ranking player ranks, the casual gamers the cancer of Community. Without being interested in the latest developments in the gaming landscape, casual gamers daddeln only now and then with their smartphone or tablet and have no real gaming platform, but more than a Wii. Only with titles like Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds of casual gamers can do something, the computer he uses for work and actually more than a few times to play Minesweeper or Solitaire.

In games he is looking for short-term entertainment without claim and lengthy learning phases. The broad masses of casual gamers are over 40 years old and female - "your mother" so. Of course, they have less skill, compared to other players in competition with other gamers or even core gamers have to put her counterpart uncooperative. Rather than vying play casual gamers rather just for fun with their friends. Nevertheless, this group is large, their purchasing power developments in the video game industry largely determines with. Exactly solely that's the reason why we can not have nice things.

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gamer2Surely the simple gamers also make up a large part of the Community. You are a fan of a certain number or a certain genre of games and mostly creatures of habit. When a new part of their favorite saga appears, they resort to blind. Or they advance look at a review and only take effect to it. Now and then they discover new games that interest them by accident, but exuberant Fan Fanatik is alien to them.

After closing time, the common gamer is here and there like for one or two an hour before the computer or console to gamble a bit. Playing for him is relaxing, but can also be a friendly competition. He does not participate in Shitstorms and outraged online petitions, but enjoying the game itself and the way it is. Also includes all those in this group, where the core status is denied due to her young age and thus naturally associated ignorance and lack of seriousness.

(Hardware) Core Gamer

coreThe crown of creation, the small elite and its own estimation, the true only "Real gamers" - in this role, many hardcore gamers almost too much. Since early childhood they played every video game that ever existed under the sun. They know everything and do everything better and make this the ignorant masses like to feel loudly.

Either they have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly a console brand and defend their favorite with a vengeance, or possess the same every gaming platform. The core gamers order games right after the official announcement before or stand at midnight sales to spend hours to get hold of a copy of her next favorite game. She passionately follow the events in the industry and can not kidding Also of already purchased games journalists. Core gamers play all them under coming. No one can hold a candle to their skill and who still dares to challenge them, must expect a devastating defeat.

Of course, these three representations are hopelessly exaggerated, but to them also some truth. An vying for the most knowledgeable and most know about and of video games not only the game itself, but even pointing or evidence of interest made it into a competition. Where a healthy competition is necessary for the former, it is in the latter entirely out of place. Only to inflate one's ego, we ask ourselves about other fellow gamers, do their Vorleiben, dislikes and opinions and their gambling behavior as void or even a wrong turn.

Better late than never?

Even my personal career corresponds certainly not that of a long-established and "typical" player. Only in the late Teenager I have my first stationary console, PlayStation 2 added myself from my first earned money. I knew only a few with whom I could share my hobby, most of my friends had other interests and could not do anything with video games. Gradually, I had to develop its own new world of games, I informed myself on my own and had a lot to make up for what others are going through in the early childhood - the magic of virtual worlds that keeps me excited and caught up today.

But are my experiences, my opinions and views by today worth less? I am thus not a "real gamers"?

ayms-nov-1-473x315The look of gamers.

No, because even if my access to the media is done later than in others, since I play with passion. Also, if I do, I do venture to express that will never inspire me some titles and genres their significance for the history and the medium itself from any means. I am working intensively on the development that takes the video game industry as a whole and have everything an avid fan in all. Where I can I try people who are to believe the typical gamer stereotypes to prove the opposite and from the potential of games to convince as an art form. I play games and I love it.

So what is a "real gamers"?

A gamer is simply any outside all flimsy categories, which it wants to be and to call it that. The only requirement should really only be playing video games without having to justify it.

dianna-agron-nintendo-3ds-39792_560x320But just as well.

A scene that elitist seal itself off from the inside, is not conducive to the reputation and visibility of the medium. Quite the contrary: If we close ourselves from misguided fear of dilution or alteration, has a negative impact on the reputation of all video players and the medium itself. Each of us has found its own way to play, none of these approaches is worth less than the other.

Instead, we should give us much more open and receptive. Only then can the Community grows, new influences encourage new thoughts and new ideas. Stagnation means regression, so get free of the elite group thought, comes down out of your ivory tower and delighted you that our common passion reaching more and more people and the video game industry by continuing to grow. The wishes of the core players are by no means void, contrary to expectations. This target group will always be served by the industry, their voices are always heard.

And who knows, maybe you like it on the floor of the facts even better?

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