Fees at the jungle camp 2017: What the celebs get for the move?

Tonight it goes into the latest season of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" Again 12 participants travel this year in the Australian jungle in order to, inter alia, to get through various tests jungle back to the memory of the audience. Regularly adjusts itself the question of how much is the fee for participation in the jungle camp.

Of course, many participants see "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" in to get her career back on track the chance. For nothing Gina-Lisa and Co., however, do not enter the Australian jungle to possibly have fun up to two weeks in the jungle camp.


Jungle camp participants and their fees for participation

IMAGE regularly speculated about the merit of the candidates are to insert by participating in the jungle show.

  • The fees vary from user to user and depend heavily on the reputation of the person from.
  • Anyone z. B. has earned its place as a one-hit wonder in the camp or the zenith of his career, has long since passed, can reportedly expect 5,000 € to 40,000 € for the collection.
  • Former world stars or celebrities who were also just before they moved into the jungle camp still on everyone's lips may well expect a feeding money of 100,000 € and more.
  • Sara Kulka said to have received 2015 135.000 € for Jörn Schlönvoigt be 125,000 € hawked. Patricia Blanco, however, is to "only" 60,000 €, Tanja Tischewitsch received € 40,000.
  • Current "record" -Halterin Brigitte Nielsen should be said to have received a fee of 150,000 € 2012th
  • According to BILD information of the country and pop singer Gunter Gabriel is said to have raised the standard for the highest Jungle salary this year properly. have € 300,000 merit he should for his participation in last year's season of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" get.

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InTouch will have brought the salaries of the jungle camp participants for 2017 experience. A new record was not set this year, but it is also this year again a gap between the various residents. The following fees are thrown into the room:

  • Gina-Lisa: 180,000 €
  • Thomas Häßler: 100.000 €
  • Markus Majowski: 80,000 €
  • Florian Weiss: 80,000 €
  • Jens Büchner: 75,000 €
  • Alexander &# 8220; Honey&# 8221; Keen: 75,000 €
  • Sarah Joelle Jahnel: 70,000 €
  • Hank Rackwitz: 55,000 €
  • Marc Terenzi: 55.000 €
  • Nicole Mieth: 45.000 €
  • Kader Loth: 40,000 €
  • Fräulein Menke: 40,000 €

Fees at the jungle camp 2017: What the celebs get for the move?

Jungle Camp: Gage for the collection - which get the celebrities?

Regardless of the fee for the entry into the jungle camp more earning potential offer for the participants of course. The winner of the penultimate season, Melanie Müller, for starting. B. after the coronation as Jungle Queen her own documentary show on RTL 2. Thorsten Legat was a consequence of the jungle camp appearance in 2016 regular at various celebrity shows, for example. example in &# 8220; Beat the Star&# 8221; in the duel against Detlef D! Soost, Menderes Bagci was received last year more enthusiastic on the stages of Germany.

Starting today, you can all episodes of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" In the live stream and TV on RTL.

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