Amazon voucher worth 500 euros – Attention spam trap!

At the moment, many Internet users receive an alleged Amazon voucher worth 500 euros by mail or SMS. In the message, it means that you've won a voucher and this now only had Request &# 8211; Unfortunately, these are but just to spam the most annoying sort.

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&# 8220; Congratulations &# 8211; They have won!&# 8221; With that, an e-mail begins, currently received numerous Internet users. Supposedly the recipient of the mail has won a voucher for Amazon worth 500 € &# 8211; all it still must now be to click a link that takes you directly to the Amazon voucher.

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Amazon voucher worth 500 Euro: Attention event

The alleged Amazon voucher was sent at the end of last month en masse by mail &# 8211; Meanwhile, the reports that the tempting offer arrives with the instant messaging service WhatsApp or SMS on your phone or mobile phone multiply. The content of the message can be distinguished in detail &# 8211; But the main message is always the same: You've won a gift certificate from Amazon and had just follow the link and reap the profit.

Amazon Gift Card SweepstakesThe link leads to this competition, in which one should enter their personal information.

So the scam works

Unfortunately, Amazon has nothing to give away &# 8211; who clicks on the link in the message, instead of the voucher forwarded to a lottery immediately. This competition has (like the rest of the action) nothing to do with Amazon. This is a mesh of windy data dealers who try such methods to get to the personal data of consumers.

  • In the competition to you have your name, enter the address and the e-mail address.
  • After that you have to accept the terms and conditions, which are as follows:
&# 8220; Yes, I want to participate in the contest and agree that the organizers and some of the sponsors and partners to let me know by mail and / or telephone and / or email and / or SMS offers from their respective division.&# 8221;
  • In other words, your data is forwarded to dubious foreign companies that you then inundate your e-mail account with junk mail and the like spam or harass you even phone.
  • Can you win the whole thing very likely nothing.

Ultimately, these are therefore the pretense of false facts: consumers are enticed with the prospect of a worthwhile profit to disclose private information. You can win experience has shown that these actions but nothing. Get yourself to us rather a real Amazon Gift Card &# 8211; that you may not win, although 500 euros, but still saves up to 30% percent!

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Coupons, sweepstakes and other crooked tricks on WhatsApp and Co.

Actually, you might assume that the users of social networks to learn over time and tricks such as the Amazon voucher expose directly as such - after all, hardly a week goes by, be in not making any sensational gains on WhatsApp, Facebook and Co widespread. See also the following items: Media Market: won voucher for 500 euros &# 8211; Caution trap! won and 500 € at Saturn? This SMS is a spam trap!

Apparently there are still plenty of bona fide people who fall for these scams. therefore pay attention to the following points:

  • In general, you should at offers that are too good to be true, ALWAYS be suspicious.
  • Personal data such as name, address, telephone number and email (not to mention the account number) should you No way reveal to strangers on the Internet.
  • If you you are not sure whether you can trust a message, you should not share directly with all friends and acquaintances that message.
  • In this way, such scamming mesh spread quickly on the Internet and one can assume that a few people to share their data - exactly should prevent it.

Read also with us, what is phishing and how to detect the fraud.

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