connect PS3 with PC: Set up media server – Here’s

You want your PC as a media server for your PlayStation 3 to use, so you pictures, videos and music can play back your TV streamed over the game console and stuff? We explain how it works and what you have to observe her there.

connect PS3 with PC: Set up media server - Here's

connect PS3 with PC: Network Setup

Usually the newer models of the PlayStation 3 have a way to connect to your WLAN. If this is not the case, we also explain how you connect the PS3 to the PC and can be done using the LAN connection.

connect PS3 via LAN to the PC

Is sure that the PC and PlayStation 3 are connected via Ethernet cable to your router.

  • If it is a newer router, it should automatically detect the PS3 via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), to add to the network and assign an IPNetwork Network Assistant playstation 3
  • If this does not happen automatically, looking over the network wizard for new devices and adds the PS3

connect PS3 via wireless to the PC

Does your PS3 you have a Wi-Fi or her a WLAN stick is available, you can also directly wirelessly your PS3 to the router.

  • Selects it in the network settings > Internet Connection Settings PS3  custom and Wireless
  • Now scans either by existing networks or give the SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​of your router's manual to find out (SSID &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s)
  • Selects the appropriate encryption and give the key
  • Let relate IP address, DNS settings, and MTU value automatically
  • Waived DHCP hostname and proxy servers
  • Enabled UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)
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Configuring a PC as a media server for the PS 3

So that the PC has to serve as a media server for the PlayStation 3, you need the latest Windows Media Player on your computer. The PlayStation must be turned on and connected to the network and away you go:

  1. Selected in the "Stream" option Turn on media streaming
  2. Activated when the check mark Allow automatic play my media devicesps3 on pc media player-giga
  3. Moves to PlayStation 3
  4. under settings > Network settings allow her Connection with the media server
  5. Among the various media offers photo, video and music you click now on Search for Media Servers

The files must be located on your computer in the library (ie "My Pictures", etc.).

Now you can the data from the Media Player to stream to your PS3, while the PC is running there. However, not all available formats, so you have to, if appropriate, convert formats.

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