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Do you buy MP3 files from Amazon, you need the Amazon MP3 Downloader to save the corresponding files from the Amazon Store or the Amazon Cloud on your hard drive.

In addition to the purchased MP3s of the Amazon Downloader brings additional M4A files, videos, PDF files and other belonging to the album items on your PC.

amazon mp3 logoWith the Amazon MP3 Downloader their stores all the songs on the hard disk

Amazon MP3 Downloader: access to the music collection

About the Amazon MP3 store you get a variety of music from the Amazon catalog in the MP3 format. Do you buy an album on CD for online retail giant, you will receive recently the songs it contains usually as an MP3 download to purchase it. In the MP3 selection at Amazon to find predominantly tracks the four Big Ones music labels EMI, Warner Music, Universal Music and Sony. Individual MP3 tracks already exist for a few cents. Entire albums you can buy MP3 package for a few euros. In particular actions Amazon regularly offers free MP3 songs. In order not to miss a free piece of music, always looks back into our GIGA Deal area.

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1618Amazon introduces AppStream in video

Amazon MP3 Downloader: Download music and location change

The Amazon MP3 Downloader allows you to download the songs and albums that you bought on Amazon. The songs can be automatically imported via the tool into an existing iTunes library or Windows Media Player. The songs are stored by default in the folder "My Music". Do you want to change MP3 Downloader downloaded music the location on the Amazon, you have to open and open the "File" menu the program. This is where the settings are found. Gets the entry "Download folder" in which you find the current location for the Amazon MP3 Downloader. Click on "Change" and can you here at this point a new location for MP3s of the Amazon downloader. The setting is saved by "Confirm". The next time you download your purchased at Amazon music the Amazon MP3 Downloader places from the songs in the newly selected folder.

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