McDonald’s Wi-Fi free registration: So do you use the Free Access

If you enjoy with friends at a branch of the popular fast food chain Burger, fries and soft drinks or alone satisfy hunger in between, you can with your smartphone in McDonald&# 8217; s surf Fi. We'll tell you if you can surf for free, if you need a password for and how you can connect with the wireless network of McDonald's.

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The company meets its customers ever more contrary: In addition to McDonald&# 8217; s delivery service can you thanks to the cooperation with Telekom with McDonald&# 8217; s free surfing Germany in many Burger stores on the Internet.

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Where you can the free wi-fi McDonald&# 8217; s use?

According to the official website of the company * you can access the Internet in &# 8220; nearly all&# 8221; For the about 1,470 restaurants in the form of hot spots. To the opening times of McDonald&# 8217; s and McCafe can you then sit down comfortably and surf the net. Do you want to know exactly where the service is offered, look at the HotSpot locations of Deutsche Telekom.

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In stores in train stations or shopping centers is less likely that there is a separate HotSpot for the fast-food chain, since in most cases other approaches to wireless already exist.


If the Wi-Fi at McDonald&# 8217; s really free?

Your surfing the golden M actually free - but only in the sogenanngen &# 8220; Happy Hour&# 8221 ;. This means you have all the 3 hours per day time, to retrieve e-mails or surf on Facebook. From your login the time is counted, you can even change the store, but between them, only without a break. This means that if you go 13:00 into the WLAN, the &# 8220; Happy Hour&# 8221; ended at 16 o'clock, no matter if you can not go surf the HotSpot.

Following course you can continue to surf the tariffs of Telekom.


MC Donald&# 8217; s login WLAN: So you connect

To access the free Wi-Fi, you need at McDonald&# 8217; s no password. Access runs over a HotSpot Telekom. And if you get in touch in Free WiFi at McDonald&# 8217; s to:

  1. Starts the network search to your laptop, smartphone or other mobile device.
  2. Selects the HotSpot Telekom.
  3. Opens a browser window with any web page when the browser does not start itself.
  4. Now you will be redirected automatically to the Telekom HotSpot portal.
  5. Agrees to the telecom usage conditions and clicks are finished &# 8220; Now go online&# 8221 ;.

You will also can provide when you sign in Wi-Fi, whether you agree with the use of data for advertising purposes or they want to refuse. If the Wi-Fi at McDonald&# 8217; s not working, ask in the restaurant, if it ever has a HotSpot. But you also can contact the customer service of fast-food giant's or Telekom.

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