Samsung Galaxy S5 presented Neo: Easily scaled-down edition with current Android

The word "Neo" comes from ancient Greek and is a part of something new, but then also something revolutionary. A revolution but does not question the now pre-order in Germany Galaxy S5 Neo is because, compared to Samsung's top model 2014er the device must accept some technical compromises. In return, the 5.1-inch smartphone with a suggested retail price of 439 euros but much cheaper. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 presented Neo: Easily scaled-down edition with current Android

Tradtionell changes Samsung with its Neo models relatively little - this conservative product policy of the South Korean manufacturer remains true to the Galaxy S5 Neo. Compared to the regular Galaxy S5 especially the slightly modified design catches the eye: the famous "golf ball" look at Samsung's last years flagship remains in the core even with the Galaxy S5 Neo received, however, the "holes" now closer together much closer. In addition, the back is kept dark blue in a pleasant and the plastic edge connecting the front and back with one another, will therefore be high gloss in a frosted look.

Inside now finds an in-house Exynos processor 7580 instead of the Snapdragon 801 of Qualcomm. Although the SoC from Samsung's own chip development has eight cores, while the Qualcomm processor can come up with only four cores, but the output is likely to fall slightly compared to regular. In June, the not yet officially presented SoC appeared first on a benchmark and should be based on A53 cores with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz. Accordingly, the Exynos 7850 would be more of a chip for the middle class, while the Snapdragon 801 last year still represented the absolute optimum. Other changes there are, among others, at the cameras, as the 16 MP-clippers on the back is apparently no longer able to record video in 4K. After all, the front camera has experienced a slight upgrade and now solves with 5 instead of 2.1 MP on. It is unclear whether the Galaxy S5 Neo has a fingerprint scanner - but the chances of this are likely to be quite good.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo: Available from the end of August

The cutbacks has fallen victim, who was replaced by a regular microUSB port and the USB 3.0 port on the bottom. On the positive side, however, that the annoying shutters which protected the port from water and dust, also now are gone. An IP67 certification has the S5 Neo but still. Apart from that, however, the rest of the equipment remains the same: even the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo example, has 2GB of RAM on board, a 5.1 inches diagonally has measured Super-AMOELD display with full HD resolution and has 16 GB of data storage.

Samsung itself has indeed Nocht not officially unveiled the Galaxy S5 Neo, but the unit is now available for an MSRP of 439 Euro at various online retailers such as Cyberport to pre-order and will be ausgliefert end of August. The smartphone there is to then be in the colors dark blue, silver and gold. From two last mentioned are currently still have not found before.

order Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo (dark blue) at Cyberport*

order Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo (silver) at Cyberport*

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