Final Fantasy 15 in the test: Pure Trash or purest revelation?

I have my PlayStation 4 brought to the smoldering and Final Fantasy 15 gambled for you completely to the end. Why, despite Plotlöchern and bugs made consistently fun of the new offshoot of the cult role-playing game, you can find out in my test.

55915Final Fantasy 15 in the test

Ten years is a long time, and time demands change. Final Fantasy Versus 13 Final Fantasy 15 was, and with the change of producers also had a playful new paths are taken. This arduous journey is not left its mark on Final Fantasy 15th Although numerous bugs, questionable design decisions and a plot full Plotlöcher leave an annoying aftertaste. Nevertheless, I find it even now hard to stay away from the controller.

After more than fifty hours Eos and a weekend of mixed emotions, I am still very torn where to classify 15 Final Fantasy. but certainly is: the disunity that exists since Final Fantasy 13 within the fan base that remains even after the credits exist.

What you should know before the start of FF 15

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A kingdom needs a ruler

A major problem of Final Fantasy 15 is, among other things, the fast start. Only an optional tutorial and a short cut scene prepare you for a complicated battle system and the political situation in Eos. I mean, actually you will indeed just that: yourself plunge directly into the adventure and explore on your own! Nevertheless, the entry somehow feels too rough, and who the introductory CGI film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy has not seen 15, it shows the latest after the first story twist.

For those who could not find out by trailers and demos: Final Fantasy 15 Noctis Lucis Caelum revolves around who not only has an almost unpronounceable name, but also contributes royales blood in them. His father König Regis sends him and his three friends Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus on a trip to Noctis&8217; prepare upcoming marriage to Princess Luna Freya. The background of this marriage is Allerding far less romantic, but it serves the purpose of connecting two former enemy kingdoms with a symbolic act of peace.

Noctis and his crew are on their wayNoctis and his crew are on their way

But before One Direction, uh, I mean Noctis and his entourage can sail towards the finish, takes an unexpected disaster. The peace agreement between Lucis and Niflheim is overshadowed by a coup. Noctis&8217; Home was captured by enemy troops and is now under the power Niflheim. then a fierce struggle for peace and justice from the road trip.
What's so happens in the hotspot Lucis in detail, but is largely untreated. Supporting characters intersect at most superficial, what has happened in the home of the Prince. After a patch some excerpts indeed were used in the film, as a non-Kingslaive-gazers you are unfortunately still trying to feel empathy for the obvious blow.

Generally Final Fantasy 15 has a big problem with it, prepare enough content for dramatic turning points. First and foremost antagonists and female characters lack enough time to leave certain feelings among the players. Plotlöcher, lack of character interactions and suddenly vanishing storylines frustrate not only they attract some of the best highlights of the game down. Here a longer prologue might have offered the necessary foundation. The real power of Final Fantasy 15 is therefore in the characterization of Noctis and his friends to which I come back later.

FINAL FANTASY XV_20161202143749The four friends are the highlight of the trip.

On them with a roar! But where to start?

Further controversy remains the battle system of Final Fantasy 15. Even if the developers were able to iron out frame rate problems and other glitches since the demonstrations largely, the core mechanics still remains a matter of taste. For cool looking moves too fast camera swivels must be accepted, which can be really annoying with multiple opponents in combat. but the combat system is not lacking in depth: Noctis can change on the fly weapons, perform combos in the air and on the ground and give together with his friends critical partner combos for the best.

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Especially in single combats the interaction between Noctis and his colleagues is best to wear. So Noctis can an opponent before a horn or other body part to separate what looks damn fat. Nevertheless - or perhaps because of this variety of options - I have to have fifty hours later, still not understood the feeling of the combat system to 100 percent. Final Fantasy 15 simply can not find a sleek way closer to bring me all the tips and tricks during the adventure. Instead, I have to share my experiences with other players - is what kind of cool though, but less purposeful fulfilling.

My biggest problem with the combat system is the sighting of enemies in hectic situations where pretends me the camera, whom I may give. While there is a "lock-on" feature in Dark Souls, but does not match the camera angle, I need several tries. This is frustrating when you want to turn off opponents in a specific order.

Cy2DVp7WIAAztIlA fierce battle. Even after 50 hours, I have not fully understood the combat system.

A journey that is fun

Far less worries you have you on the open world of Final Fantasy make 15, because with few exceptions triumph. Especially in the first 10 to 20 hours you will be fully engaged grateful with side quests and regroup. Here wait diverse monsters and hidden caves and abstaubbare items waiting to be discovered by you. Even weather changes and the change of day and night make for exciting variety to Eos.

Unlike other open-world games, leads you on Final Fantasy 15 on this, to take it slow. This is ensured by the different means of transport. Mainly course you're with your cart, the Regalia, on the road, and since you have a limited fast travel options at the beginning of the game, you have no other choice but to marvel as every corner of the scene.

Sometimes you make your team members aware of things in the world and ask you to get out, to risk a closer look. This often comes unexpectedly and motivated to explore Eos to the last detail. Later, you can also rent the iconic Chocobos what even more fun and discovering remote places made much easier.

Cy6u3qXXAAAhPAjThe open world of Final Fantasy 15 offers many possibilities.

But in the last third of your adventure you have to brace yourself, unfortunately, on a 180-degree turn in level design. Later, the open world deviates namely a very linear structure in order to advance the story faster. This works quite well in places, loses after a certain date but unfortunately completely momentum - mainly because a frustrating dungeon the game adopted entertaining in a completely different genre, what, in my opinion, unfortunately, does not work. The grand finale can then indeed score again, but a bitter aftertaste remains the same.

However, you should venture once more into the open world to provide you new monsters and dungeons, which were not accessible during the story you after defeating the final boss. You sometimes expect some really nice surprises that invite re-discovery in Eos.

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True friends

At least I would have expected the way that would give me 15 so dear to your heart actually rather clichéd main characters of Final Fantasy. You can tell how close are Noctis, Ignis, gladiolus and Prompto. While I abgrase the open world of experience points, there is constantly some remark by one of the guys. What annoys in other games, works for Final Fantasy 15 exceptionally really good. The hobbies of the individual characters provide deeper insights into their thought. Above all Promptos ambitions as a photographer provide some of the best moments in the game.

Throughout the road trip of Good namely makes snapshots that can be stored in your photo album and shared via social networks. After several hours in the game world, it already makes for a melancholy feeling when you slowly approaching the end of the action and again finally flips through the photos.

Cy6qrRNXUAA8yOMNoctis, Ignis, gladiolus and Prompto had a very special friendship.

In between, ask you friends do you a favor, what then escalated into different side quests where you have to be able to help Ignis during cooking or Gladiolus while exercising. These moments are also making some sections in the main story later so incredibly emotional. This credible friendship that ultimately makes up one of the strongest plus points in Final Fantasy 15, could bring me in the last scenes the occasional crying fit.

My test Conclusion Final Fantasy XV

Could Final Fantasy 15 withstand the expectations? Of course not! But what game can say after ten years of development on its own? For me Final Fantasy 15 is in spite of many ifs and buts worth every hour of head shaking. Yes, there are still many glitches, the combat system is quite ambitious and side quests as the main source of income disrupt already fierce in the story phase. Nevertheless me the game has touched at the right moments. Final Fantasy 15 remains for me so maybe as trashigster, but also as one of the most sympathetic branch of the series in memory.

Final Fantasy 15 was published on 29 November 2016 PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The funniest glitches for the game we have collected for you in another article.

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