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It has the best build for PvP multiplayer of Dark Souls 3, depends entirely on your preferred style of play and your character. In this guide we'll give you some examples of builds, where you can orient you. We show you different characters, with both low and high level.

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Dark Souls 3: The best builds for PvP multiplayer

All builds that we present to you in this guide are only suggestions and not written in stone. So hang your possibilities of your current soul-ex, so we show you the best builds for low-level characters and high-level characters in PvP. An overview of the starting classes in Dark Souls 3 you get also with us.

Low-level PvP Build

Soul Level: 10-20

Class: mercenary

Funeral gift: Fiery gem

Important attributes: Vitality and stamina

Weapons and equipment:

  • Right hand: Uchigatana +2 with fire enchantment
  • Left hand: Pyromantieflamme +2
  • Head: No matter
  • Chest: No matter
  • Poor: No matter
  • Legs: No matter
  • rings: Life Ring, Flynn&8217; (found Available at Shrine Maiden or the undead settlement) s ring, fire claw ring, chlorine Lappeenrannantie Ring

Tips and strategies for low-level PvP Build

  • Defeat the Sword Master beside the fire tape Shrine and get yourself be uchigatana. See: Dark Souls 3: uchigatana right at the start! Location in the video
  • Uses the fiery gem to pervade your uchigatana the blacksmith with fire.
  • To invade you need the Red eyeball. How do you get it fast, you read the Guide: Dark Souls 3: invaden Player &# 8211; &# 8220; Red eyeball&# 8221; -Fundort in video
  • Levelt your uchigatana with the first Titanitscherben that you find at +2.
  • Freed Pyromancy teacher Cornyx from the undead settlement and learns at his Pyromancy &Fire flood; # 8220&# 8221; and reinforces the Pyromancy flame to +2.
  • During these steps, you should your points especially in Vitality and stamina stuck. You can rise to level 20, but remember, the lower you are still in the level, the lower the level of the players who invaded her.

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High-level PvP build (thickness)

Soul Level: 100

Important attributes: Strength and conditioning load

Weapons and equipment:

  • Right hand: Smoke Ultra-Great Sword +5
  • Left hand: Escutcheon +5
  • Head: Mornes helmet
  • Chest: Mornes Armor
  • Poor: Mornes cuffs
  • Legs: Mornes Leggings
  • rings: Havel's ring, ring the favor, Knight ring, chain of prisoners (see: Dark Souls 3: All rings and their discovery sites at a glance)

Attribute Distribution:

  • Vitality: 22
  • Sorcery: 6
  • Condition: 35
  • Burden: 43
  • Strength: 45
  • Skill: 10
  • Intelligence: 8th
  • Faith: 9
  • happiness: 11

Tips and strategies for high-level PvP build (thickness)

  • Through the rings you will get additional 15 level basically because they further increase the attributes of strength, load and condition.
  • Mornes Armor has the best values ​​in his weight class and convinces with high harm reduction and high attitude. The exact location you read the Guide: Dark Souls 3: armor &# 8211; Localities, screenshots and values ​​of all sets
  • The flue-Ultra Greatsword caused devastating damage and has a long range, even if it is a little slow. The location can be found in the Guide: Dark Souls 3: The best weapons and their localities

dark-souls-3-smoke-ultra-large sword

High-level PvP build (strength / faith)

Soul Level: 80

Important attributes: Strength and faith

Weapons and equipment:

  • Right hand: Dragonslayer Greataxe +5
  • Left hand: Gold wings escutcheon / Sacred Talisman +2
  • Head: Dornhelm
  • Chest: Dorn Armor
  • Poor: Dorn cuffs
  • Legs: Dornengamaschen
  • rings: Havel's ring, Lloyds sword ring Ritter ring, chain of prisoners

Attribute Distribution:

  • Vitality: 25
  • Sorcery: 14
  • Condition: 29
  • Burden: 25
  • Strength: 40
  • Skill: 12
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Faith: 28
  • happiness: 7

Tips and strategies for high-level PvP build (strength / faith)

  • What makes this build so strong is the Dragonslayer Great Ax. Weapon Skill &Flash case; # 8220&# 8221; evokes a nationwide Lightning.
  • In combination with a high value faith and the miracle &# 8220; Sacred Oath&# 8221 ;, the damage of the weapons craft is additionally increased.
Weapon Skill & quot; flash case & quot; works great in PvP.Weapon Skill &Flash case; # 8220&# 8221; works great in PvP.

High-level PvP build (intelligence / faith)

Soul Level: 120

Important attributes: Intelligence and faith

Weapons and equipment:

  • Right hand: Dark Onikiri and Ubadachi +10 Caitha&# 8217; s Glocke +5
  • Left hand: Dragon coat of arms depending on the situation
  • Head: Crown dancer
  • Chest: Dragonslayer Armor
  • Poor: Gauntlets of dancer
  • Legs: Leggings dancer
  • rings: Chloranthie Ring, Red tears stone ring, Dark claw ring, ring of Sonnenerstgeborenen
  • Magic: Tears of denial (miracle), Dorris&8217; Qual (miracle) or Big Spell Shield (magic)

Attribute Distribution:

  • Vitality: 27
  • Sorcery: 18
  • Condition: 15
  • Burden: 15
  • Strength: 18
  • Skill: 26
  • Intelligence: 40
  • Faith: 40
  • happiness: 10

Tips and strategies for high-level PvP build (intelligence / faith)

  • Few players make Dark damage advantage and mostly use pyhysischen damage or fire. With this build you are well protected from fire and mainly used dark magic.
  • With the Double Katana Onikiri and Ubadachi caused her additional bleed damage. In addition, you allow the weapon skill, a jump attack with a long range.
  • Thanks to the miracle Tears of denial you are at the beginning very hard to kill and let your enemies first blow all their attacks before you then retaliate forcefully.
  • Dorris&8217; torment is a very effective dark miracle that few FP costs, pursued opponents and next to Dark damage still causes bleeding.

Other builds will be available soon at this point!

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