Animal Crossing New Leaf: Mega update brings new life to your city

As of today, there is the free update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the amiibo integration and brings a lot of new content in your small community. What you can expect everything you learn in this article.

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The popularity of Nintendo is mainly due to the own games. The manufacturer has a knack for entertaining concepts that are fun and yet are timeless so. Animal Crossing also is an example of how games can be simple and yet sophisticated. You pull into a small village, inhabited by cute, animal residents and the focus is on communication and interaction with the other inhabitants of this settlement.

It is not a game in the true sense, because there is no real game target and few concrete tasks. Animal Crossing simulates the everyday life in a small town, but is limited to a few elements. You can make your own, talk to the residents and catch fish and insects in order to donate to the museum, among others, your clothes and your house. No matter what you do in Animal Crossing, it is the end all of representation - and yet (or perhaps because of it) can spend hundreds of hours.

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Free update brings more variety to your town

The last game in the series was Animal Crossing: New Leaf and was released in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. To date, the game has sold over ten million copies and is one of the most successful titles on the handheld. But rather than simply publish a successor or paid additional content, Nintendo announces a free update that significantly expands the scope and certainly some will get them to travel again to the little town with its whimsical residents.

With the free "Welcome amiibo" update you expect more than 500 new objects with which you can make your home and your character even more individual. About 400 of them come from the 3DS game Animal Crossing: Happy Home designers and more than 100 of which are completely new. The simplified design of the house was also taken designer of Happy Home, even if it is still not possible to provide the ceiling with lamps or the like. For this, but there is now a depot that is so huge that hundreds things have in place.

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Two fun mini-games

Another part of the update are two new minigames. During the game, you might make Nintendo 3DS and receive a Wii U as an object for your home. With the handheld you attain access to "Animal Crossing: Puzzle League". In the puzzle pieces slide from bottom in different colors up. You gotta now rearrange so that at least three stones of one color get into a row to make them disappear. To play game coins are required and with amiibo figures of the Animal Crossing series, there are useful special abilities.

did your avatar sits in front of the Wii U, there is the mini-game "The Lonely Island", belonging to one of the Wii U game Animal Crossing basically one: amiibo Festival was taken over. In the game you strandest on a desert island and you have to try with three other villagers again to escape it. There are ten levels for each of the three levels of difficulty. Replay coins are used or alternatively amiibo cards. Both mini games can only be played alone, and there are no rewards - they only serve as entertainment.

Watch the video for "Animal Crossing: Puzzle League" to:

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Watch the video for "The Lonely Island" to:

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Invite new residents in your city

An innovation which, however, very well impact on the game comes with a magic lamp and its inhabitants Buhu. Every day you have a wish and can wish that you visited a resident in your place out of him. Example, if you already collect amiibo cards, you can specifically win as residents or at least ask for a gift certain animals.

The amiibo figures of the Animal Crossing series you can be welcomed as a visitor familiar characters like Melinda, Resseti or Tom Nook. And with a new set of 50 special amiibo cards you can attract a whole new residents - most of which, incidentally, are from the GameCube version of the game. All these comical animals traveling with a caravan and make on the new campsite halt. Which is headed by hippie-esken Harvey, who wants to take it very relaxed and casual.

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Hippie camping and daily missions

The special thing about the caravan-dwellers that you can visit their thematically furnished mobile homes and they can sell special items you there. The currency in the square, however, are camping coupons that you have to earn you only. Each visit brings a few coupons with, and there are special missions bring some variety in addition to your day. Really cool new camp is but only by special collaborations.

All available amiibo figures of Splatoon- and The-Legend-of-Zelda series that is also work with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. then you visited an Animal Crossing residents in the style of each piece - a superfan of the series. These residents can move into your town and they sell you unique items and clothing from the respective series. So you can your house, for example, a chest of The Legend of Zelda embellish, and that makes opening even the iconic sound.

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The third co-operation takes place with Sanrio, the creators of Hello Kitty. For this special amiibo cards come on the market, which also get a camper in the city in which you can then buy cute objects in design, for example, Hello Kitty and Pompompurin. As with the Super fans of The Legend of Zelda and Splatoon these animals can move into your city.

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Lots to do, we pack it in

The update thus gives you two mini games, a nice little photo feature, and an extensive amiibo support. So far, the amiibo figures and maps of the Animal Crossing series had only a few functions. With the integration in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there is finally a more meaningful use. You can get you into town your favorite residents and get one at that access to some cool items and special clothing.

but most of all you are updating a reason to stop by again next to you. Even without amiibo figures and cards, there are the mini-games, many new items, and at the campsite every day also appears on a visitor quite by accident. The Nintendo still has not jumped in terms of Animal Crossing on the free-to-play train and still has a huge success, shows that there are other, functioning business models. The free update is certainly a good thing for all fans of the series. You can do it from you immediately download in the eShop.

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