stop bleeding: Measures to halt a mild to severe bleeding

This guide explains the various measures that can take her to stop bleeding. Accidents in the home happen again and again. If it the wound does not stop bleeding, you must urgently seek medical attention, but smaller cuts can alone provide easy for her.

stop bleeding: Measures to halt a mild to severe bleeding

1. Light cord injury &# 8211; stop bleeding

Even small injuries can hurt like hell or just not bleeding to stop. That you can do:

  • waterEither let their cold water over the wound run, because that cleans and causes to contract the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. You can also take hot water and cauterize the wound. have been Should you, for example, in a bramble killed or attacked by a pack of dogs and have a lot of injuries on the body, a hot shower may be the more meaningful measure.
  • white vinegar: Etched vinegar and can thus disinfect the wound and helps in blood clotting. Just give up a cotton ball or similar Drip and on the wound.
  • sugarSugar has germicidal properties and also helps in blood clotting. Just type something on the wound.
  • pepper: Painful but helpful is cayenne pepper. It ensures that the wound sealed quickly and the bleeding is stopped. If the bleeding has stopped, it flushes the pepper from the wound.
  • For outdoor enthusiasts &# 8211; cobwebs: Cobwebs are great to be able to stop a smaller circulation. In case you often outdoors aufhaltet in the wilderness in the heart, you can you remember the solution. Just the Spider chasing them and grab their network and apply to the wound.

Actually, minor cuts should bleed easily on its own stop. You can also make it a piece of gauze bandage or a plaster. But if the bleeding does not stop, or apart gaping wound, you should stop the bleeding by pressure and seek medical attention.

press the sore is better than a false-scale pressure bandage

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2. Serious, major injury &# 8211; stop bleeding

It is worth his first aid skills to refresh from time to time, because when it comes to an emergency, you rarely have the time nor to google for the best clues.

  • The injured person should lie down, especially so that it is at rest position and not suddenly tip over and still more injured.
  • , Is best when it is possible to mount the head lower than the rest of the body or the legs high. If that's possible, of course, also depends on the injury, but you should endeavor you that you transferred to the person in such a position. This reduces the chance that the person goes into shock. Observed breathing and circulation of the injured.

stop bleeding

  • The injured limb can you store higher if the injury allows. Storage above the level of the heart helps to ensure that the bleeding subsides.
  • The wound can you roughly cleaned, but be careful. Mainly is your job to stop the bleeding. larger foreign objects are in the wound, the distance can cause bleeding is stronger.
  • Pressing on the wound! You can take your bare hands, bandages or clothing them. Presses firmly but not jammed in general the flow of blood from.
  • A pressure bandage carries strong risks if it is not properly applied &# 8211; this can lead to amputation.
  • Pressing on the wound, possibly changes the bandages until medical help arrives.

In this video you see a reminder on how to create a pressure bandage.

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