SanDisk squeezes 1TB memory to an SD card

SanDisk has today at the Photokina 2016 introduced the world's largest SD card with a storage capacity of 1 TB. So that the memory card has some more space to have as normal laptops or ultrabooks to offer.

SanDisk squeezes 1TB memory to an SD card

SanDisk unveils world's largest SD card with 1 TB

The demand for storage continues to increase and in the process SanDisk has now provided an outlook that the memory manufacturers are aware of the problem. Videos with resolutions of 4K or 8K and content in virtual reality or 360 degrees to take a lot of space. If not enough memory is available, relevant videos can not be recorded in an appropriate length. That's why SanDisk has developed a SD card with 1024 GB of storage. Two years ago, the company first unveiled a memory card with 512 GB, thus setting a new record. Now you have even doubled the memory in the short time.

No memory problems but new threats

The new memory card holds 1 TB, making it larger than many SSDs in modern notebooks or ultrabooks. SanDisk has not called any price, not availability, but exhibited some prototypes as part of the Photokina 2016th It is clear that the SD card is not a cheap pleasure, and is aimed at professional users even more. If a microSD card is scheduled with a similar capacity, is not known. Many smartphones support memory cards up to 2TB - only there is this not to buy. A microSD card costs 128 GB currently just over 30 euros *SanDisk squeezes 1TB memory to an SD card.

The many storage poses but also down. Owners might tend to restrict only to the memory card, and so in case of failure to lose a lot of data at once. SanDisk also indicates that the read and write speeds fail due to the high memory significantly lower than for smaller memory cards with less memory. So it could take some time until you have the data from the memory card on their PC or Mac for editing.

Source: SanDisk Press

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