The Crew – Wild Run: Beginner’s Guide with tips and tricks for DLC

With the DLC Wild Run the auto racing The Crew players can try out three new events. In order for the entry to the extension falls as easy as possible, we have put together a beginner's guide here that will tell you useful tips and tricks.

In The Crew - Wild Run it's all about the The Summit Championships. In order to participate in it, you must first pass exams - in each discipline. That has to be used training act and make you ready. but you have further questions about the events, this guide is for beginners to answer probably.

In the DLC Wild Run you can drive with Monster Trucks in The CrewIn the DLC Wild Run you can drive with Monster Trucks in The Crew

The Crew - Wild Run: Start DLC and master events

We need only to start the DLC and you're back in the virtual United States. In the open world arrived, you will receive immediately a call and will be informed that a new championship Available is.

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It is called The Summit and is displayed from now on on your card. In a red-blue diamond marked you the game all the main events of the championship. Make your way into the first South East of Chicago. There, the test runs take place, the need to master it in order to gain access to even more events.

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Tips and tricks for the test events

So in order to further events in The Crew - to be playing Wild Run, must complete their race the following disciplines:

  • Monster Arena
  • Dragster Event
  • Drift event

These are merely test runs. The scores are once irrelevant. However, you can thus use the opportunity to make you familiar with the new events. For the first time in the history of The Crew you can Monster Trucks driving and drifting.

The dragster event is one of three new competitions in The Crew - Wild RunThe dragster event is one of three new competitions in The Crew &# 8211; Wild Run

The Beginner's Guide to the Monster Arena

One of the three new events in The Crew - Wild Run is the Monster Arena your sitting at the wheel of a monster truck and drive through one. obstacle course. Here, however, you only have a limited time to destroy medals. Depending on whether it around Bronze, silver and gold medals is that to be achieved scores are graded:

  • Bronze: 100 points
  • Silver: 500 points
  • Gold: 1,000 points
In the Monster Arena you have to diligently collect medalsIn the Monster Arena you have to diligently collect medals

But you have not only the task of destroying medals. Next you have to Forward and reverse Altos complete and flying through the air. it also achieves the longer you are in the air, the more points.

For detailed review of Wild Run goes along here

Our tips for beginners in The Summit Championship:

  • Drive not simply about medals but find yourselves targeted a route that has many medals.
  • Rather than collect little silver or gold badge, many 100-point medals in the mass can also be profitable.
  • Before a ramp, it is advisable to ignite the entire Nitro and apply full throttle, so you can perform a forward or backward flip. You find yourself then long in the air and gets more points for flight time. In addition, your Boost invites so again faster.

The Beginner's Guide for the drift events

Again, the time is running against you. You have to pull your drift as long as possible to get as many points. To drift, you need the apply brake and the car with Gas and steering wheel control.

The drift of events in The Crew her drifts have to be able to lastThe drift of events in The Crew her drifts have to be able to last

For these events, we have the following advice for you:

  • The parking brake is not your friend. Pressed her this brake the car breaks out often and you do not have under control.
  • Assayed to get a drift in 90 ° angle.
  • The curves should you approach from the outside inwards.
  • You should keep the drift angle as long as possible. As long as you drift, the multiplier increases.
  • Nitro, you should keep their hands off. Only in a few moments, the use is recommended.

The Beginner's Guide for Dragster events

Do you have 3 rounds Time to prove that you feel in fast speeds well. The best lap is counted. So do not worry! If you are not driving as much in the first round, you have two more to have to mend it.

The Dragster events ensure orderly paceThe Dragster events ensure orderly pace

Before the race starts, you have to your Tempering Tire. For this, the left one is displayed. Accelerated and tried to bring the marker into the green zone. After that you have to show that you can shift up at the right moment. Here are a few tips:

  • You have four circles on the screen in order to lay a perfect start to the race. Presses the trigger just before publication of the last circle to get this added.
  • Then it comes to switching. To this end, you see an ad above your car. As soon as the light blue bar touches the green mark, you must move the right stick forward.
  • The car has four gears, so you do not have many attempts to perform a perfect circuit.
  • Have you reached the last transition, it makes sense to ignite the nitro to push the speed limit.

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