WhatsApp Sexting 2.0: order with emoji adult videos

Those who wanted to operate on WhatsApp and Co. the fine art of Sextings, could make use of some very special emoji in the past known. But why it but allow? The thought is probably also the owner of the relevant website pornhub. Recently, one can get his videos on smartphone there by sent corresponding emoji.

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If you wanted to look at earlier dirty movies on the Internet, which was usually like this: You went to a relevant Web sites sought there the category of their choice out there and then got countless clips from which you look &# 8211; depending on your mood &# 8211; the right chose. Technological progress makes obvious but also against the sleazy sector not stop &# 8211; and service is everything. Exactly why has the known side pornhub recently their customers the opportunity to order clips using emoji.


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WhatsApp sexting was yesterday ordered with emoji videos from 18

Who is too lazy to satisfy his needs in the traditional way, and to wade through thousands of clips sent from now on just one Emoji. Pornhub calls this concept &# 8220; Emoji 4 Porn&# 8221; &# 8211; Send this user via text message an emoji to the number of pornhub and then get &# 8211; depending on Emoji &# 8211; a film from the respective genre on their smartphone. The site has them as its own review of the various categories and the matching emoji:

Sexting Emojis

Pornhub uses this known from the Unicode emojis and mints this to the respective categories &# 8211; sometimes more, sometimes less original. Of course, also be used emoji, which was used for quite some time for sexting on WhatsApp and Co.: Eggplant for the best piece of the man, a peach crisp for a woman butt and the outstretched tongue for oral cravings.

Known sexting emoji to order the videos

Some of the emoji are quite funny: If you want to watch men in masturbation, for example, sends a joystick. In other cases, the little picture but already bordering on racism. If you like Latinas, sent about a taco emoji: That's not clever and water on the mills of all those who have always claimed that pornography reaffirms common stereotypes. When you see the pornhub naturally different: &# 8220; The new service extends our digital Arsenal and simplifies the recommendation system of our content. This is our way to spread the love digital&# 8221; Sun Vice President Corey Price. The feedback of the customers was also &# 8220; a very positive&# 8221 ;.

The offer is so far only in the US, Canada and the UK available &# 8211; the service is free, except for the charges incurred for sending the text message. Depending on how active the users deal with the emoji, you still want to expand the service in the future.

Lest at us, what new Android Emoji for WhatsApp there.

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