Need for Speed ​​Underground Patch download free – Complete info at GIGA

Need for Speed ​​Underground revolutionized the NFS brand than any of his predecessors. While the series has focused previously on the pure racing feeling and occasional police chases, the focus for this game has been completely changed. after a Need for Speed ​​Underground Patch appeared and some bugs have been fixed, choosing different e-sports leagues - including even the former GIGA league - to take Need for Speed ​​Underground in the competition.

Need for Speed ​​Underground Patch download free - Complete info at GIGANeed for Speed ​​Underground Patch: The graphics are today no one skin off your feet

Of the Need for Speed ​​Underground Patch Although fixed mainly the multiplayer mode of the racing game, but the game had a very detailed single player. Unlike its predecessors, the game that is offered a real story - though not particularly good.

Need for Speed ​​Underground in the fictional city Olympic City, in the night street races are on the agenda. The police, however - before a series THE Trademarks - is completely missing in the game. An open world, as in the successor, there was also not well. Instead, you chose how to know the different races to the stylish sounds of Lil 'Wayne's "Get Low" in the main menu, one by one, it also from other racing games.

Need for Speed ​​Underground Patch download free - Complete info at GIGAWith the Need for Speed ​​Underground Patch it also fixes the last error of the game

The special feature of Need for Speed ​​Underground is of course the tuning aspect. While in the previous parts - and pretty much every other racing game before - the pure racing experience from the Need for Speed ​​games previously existed was, although still the largest and most important part of the game, in the hearts of fans However, it struggled through the tuning.

By assembling their own cars with their own parts such as spoilers, wheels and rims, one is often less keen to build a fast car as possible, rather than pay a lot more on the appearance.

Eradicates the bugs from the Need for Speed ​​Underground Patch

With a total number of patches EA Black Box has worked a long time after release of the racing game until it was finally on the final status and the Need for Speed ​​Underground Patch 4 on the PC. On the consoles downloading patches was not so easy, after all, they were mostly at that time still not connected to the Internet - the Xbox version of Need for Speed ​​Underground about had not even online multiplayer to choose from.

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