Photoshop: Create frame – so you go

The best vacation photo is more beautiful with an individual frame. Such is tinkered quickly with Adobe Photoshop. The following tutorial will show you a simple technique with layers styles and shapes.

8835Photoshop basics SurfaceTip: As you insert an image without automatic resizing or scaling in Photoshop, learn it in the article: Photoshop: Insert picture - how it works.

Photoshop: Create frame - the mat

First you create a mount around the photo. This is as it were a "frame in the frame":

  1. Opens the image that want to frame it. To fill equal to a wider margin for the mat with color, it creates a level above the menu of the Layers panel. Call this new layer "Passepartout".Photoshop: Create frame - so you go
  2. To determine the appropriate width of the mat, you should know the pixel size of the photo. The photo in the example will be shown on the screen and so has a reasonable size of 800 x 600 pixels. should occupy what space of the inner frame is up to personal taste, here it is a margin of 100 pixels.
  3. Selects the entire scene. On Windows, you use the key combination "Ctrl" + "A" on Mac OS "cmd" + "A".
  4. Take a color from the image, which is to have the mat. Used for this purpose the eyedropper tool Photoshop: Create frame - so you go
  5. Keep on making sure that you have chosen Mount the new layer. then selects To edit > contour fill. Activated at here position the option Inside.
  6. The shortcut key "Ctrl" + "D" (Windows) or "cmd" + "D" (Mac OS) you can now deselect, it no longer needs them.Photoshop: Create frame - so you go

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Photoshop: Frames - Add structures

Even the mat consists only of a solid color. it becomes plastic on a layer style and gets a structure.

Chooses level > Layer style > Bevel and Emboss. selected at style the Inner Bevel and as a technique chisel. also provides an appropriate value in depth and size on. Activated refer to the preview, the settings to check directly on the image. The mat now stands out from the image and acts plastically.

Photoshop: Create frame - so you go

Photoshop: Create frame - so you go

The option structure should still get a surface that resembles real paper frame. Clicks on in the dialog box Layer style on the lettering structure and appear the settings. Under template now invites her the appropriate structure:

  1. Click on the template-field under elements; to choose between the two standard patterns, but they are not suitable.
  2. By clicking on the little arrow you open the top right of a menu from which you can choose new patterns. Selects here for example, Grayscale paper.Photoshop: Create frame - so you go
  3. In a dialog you are asked whether you want to replace the pattern; this dialogue can confirm it.
  4. Reopens the patterns and chooses an appropriate structure; Here is the structure linen selected.

Photoshop: Create frame - so you go

Photoshop: Create frame - so you go

The frame

Using the same technique now a narrow frame of aluminum produced.
  1. Sets another new layer and name it "frame".
  2. Selects the entire image, then To edit > contour fill. The width of the contour must be significantly smaller than the first in the mat; here it is 20 Px. Activated here at again position the option Inside. The color should be a lighter gray this time.
  3. redial  level > Layer style > Bevel and relief. As style remains the Inner Bevel, the technology this time round off. Provides the depth and the size on. The shape of the frame acts round, when a low value at Soften is selected.Photoshop: Create frame - so you go
  4. Even plastic affects the frame with a slight drop shadow:Photoshop: Create frame - so you go
  5. The Layers panel should now show three levels. The two upper levels contain all the effects that you added as a layer style.Photoshop: Create frame - so you go

Photoshop framework decorate

For something a bit more playful, can the Photoshop frame decorated with different shapes. If these are at the level "framework," they automatically assume all levels effects.
  1. The best way to decorate the frame already are finished forms. These are the Own-molding tool reared. It is important that in the options bar setting fill pixels is selected, it is the third button from the left (below marked in red). In addition, the same color must be chosen that has the frame, so the lighter gray.Photoshop: Create frame - so you go
  2. Adds now more shapes added to the standard forms, such as ornaments. To do this you click on the Options bar, click on the icon next to shape and opens by clicking on the small arrow the dropdown menu.Photoshop: Create frame - so you go
  3. any moves now at the top level "frame" many shapes. This merge with the actual narrow frame from the last step. In this way individual picture frames, whose style can change their will by the selected shapes.Photoshop: Create frame - so you go

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