Ultrabooks: The largest MacBook Air competitor

Not only Apple can obstruct good hardware in confined spaces. Other manufacturers try with its competitors to address the largest possible number of customers. Here are the best MacBook Air are alternatives.

Ultrabooks: The largest MacBook Air competitor

Before we get to the actual competitors, we want in advance once current views of the MacBook Air toss. Just recently, Apple product series has missed a new update with small improvements. Here, new processors have been integrated at the same time you have the increase battery life slightly can. The most important change, however, has little to do with the hardware: The price was reduced by 100 euros on all models. In the smallest version thus only be 899 Euros due. The appearance remained the same, meanwhile.

With the MacBook Air, Apple has created one of the best notebooks in recent years. A high-quality design combined with powerful components inside the unit. The company is not without reason as the author of Ultrabooks, while the Air does not belong strictly to said category. A prerequisite for this watermark is a recently Touch display . Apple is obviously decided against the integration of such - most counterparties have here a clear plus point.

And yet, the MacBook Air is often mentioned as a flagship product of the Ultrabooks. But other manufacturers have some very good alternatives in stock. And this we would like to take a closer look in this article. An exact comparison of the individual products is not to realize due to the many different specifications in terms of hardware. Therefore, a short but informal review must serve. Note: The First impression is known better in mind - and who wants to be pelted already offers a variety of hardware names?


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