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This navigation app is available for free in the Play Store and they can then be significantly upgraded through in-app purchases. Even then, it offers a very decent GPS navigation at an affordable price.

MapFactor has in several tests, among others Stiftung Warentest, get a satisfactory. And this is entirely justified. The good cards are based on the material from OpenStreetMap and are located after installation and card option on the SD card of the phone. For navigation so no online connection is required! If you invest some money can also buy TomTom maps for navigation itself. Generally, there are monthly free map updates.

MapFactor GPS Navigation with the Android app from house to house

The app brings us comfortably from door to door and can be adjusted to different vehicle profiles. Most apps include a navigation for car, bike and pedestrian. In MapFactor is also equal to a profile for trucks there! In this mode, low bridges and blocked roads for heavy traffic, for example, avoided. Tunnel ups and possible bridge loads are also considered.

The app provides (in part as an in-app purchase) also such advantages as a switchable 2D / 3D navigation and speed camera warning. Which is in Germany, of course, illegal, but ultimately it provides indeed that you drive a little slower and more cautious. is announced the route the warning in this case is also acoustically.

If there is to be really comfortable, then you really have to be added buy the TomTom maps. Because only then, for example, includes a lane assistant and shows us the current highway signs on the phone or tablet to. Such information is simply not available in OpenStreetMap. The downloadable maps of the area is huge and actually encompasses the whole world. However, of course, each loaded card requires memory and so it is advisable to limit their card selection first on really essential cards.

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start app for Android with the MapFactor GPS navigation immediately

The MapFactor GPS Navigation everyone understands immediately. After a few moments, you can select its first route and start navigating. The address input can just as progressive (country, city, street, house number) carried out, or jump directly to the postal code in the right area. Who has become familiar with the basic operation, thereafter may want to make a few basic settings. MapFactor manages various individual vehicle profiles and you can also specify within what tolerances you want to be warned when speeding.

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