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With the free app SuperSU can be conveniently root permissions Manage apps. The default superuser app is replaced by SuperSU on your smartphone or tablet. The app is available for free download in the Google Play store ready to Pro version SuperSU Pro can be had for 3.75 euros.

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In SuperSU is a good alternative to the traditional superuser app for root users, which gives you much more information and ways to manage superuser rights of the different apps on your smartphone or tablet.

SuperSU running it all the time in the background and can log to make the apps from their superuser use and demand that appropriate rights. Also, processes for which the user does not notice a rule are logged. SuperSU runs namely even if your machine is not booted and is, for example, in recovery mode.


In conclusion, the developer Chainfire with SuperSU offers a great alternative to the traditional superuser app from Android, which should be missing on any rooted phone or tablet.

SuperSU: Download Free

In the basic version SuperSU is available for free download in the Play Store. Who other functions, such as want password protection, may resort to 3.75 euros expensive Pro version, which is also to have on the Google Play Store. The only requirement for SuperSU is a device with root privileges and at least Android 2.1 or higher.

SuperSUdownloadQR codeSuperSUDeveloper: Coding CodePrice: Free SuperSU ProdownloadQR codeSuperSU ProDeveloper: Coding CodePrice: 3.75 €

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