The Sims 4: Sex modders earned over $ 4,000 a month

A modder has set itself the video game The Sims 4 into a career, and earned over the crowdfunding page patreon about 4,000 US dollars a month. With its explicit sex modification "WickedWhims" the programmer is doing a player on fantasies of a different kind that will not meet the real developer of the game.

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The Sims can do things - who looks a funny life simulation, you will eat, sleep, work and indulging in other pages of everyday life. One of these aspects is doing in the opinion of many, however, a little short, and here is the Modder "Turbo Driver" comes into play. With its sex modification "WickedWhims" continuously met the industrious programmers wildest imagination of its customers who pay him about patreon. About $ 4,000 Turbo Driver takes his Mod month - and the work is endless.

The Sims 4: removes gender boundaries from the game

"Once you ask a mod like this a large audience available, you get always news about various fetishes, sometimes very specific. You get there really nasty stuff with, "says Turbo Driver opposite the side Kotaku where the full article can be read. In fact, the modders to as many customers want is trying to address, and to implement new love practices into play - but here there are limits. "I have to be aware of the possibilities aware that I open because (&# 8230), "the mud. "Anything that has to do with children about would be to simply and unequivocally wrong."

The Sims 4 online now!*

For the future, the modders, who recognized the gap in the market a sex mod for The Sims 4 want, and extra-taught programming, making his work even more realistic. His day's work looks Screwdriver this itself is not very critical: "It's a little sad when I only make sex mods, but what if that's my destiny on this planet?"


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